Sunday, March 27, 2016

Heresy Era Imperial Army - Prospero Spireguard Khalophis Victrix-2 Tanks Painting Continues

Got a little more brush time in this weekend than is usual, and managed to get the trio of tanks up to the "off the assembly line" stage, prior to the addition of waterslide transfers and weathering. Despite the fact that three days ago we got 19" of snow, this afternoon it was almost 60F and I was able to get the initial sealant pass on 'em. Gotta love springtime in the Rockies!

As has been pointed out, technically speaking the "Ragnarok" tank is a post-heresy designation, from the War World of Krieg during the 500-year war from 433-949.M40. That said, it's also a long standing trope that technology in the 41st Millennium is more often rediscovered from ancient archives rather than newly designed, so it's not a great stretch to assume that some STC Construct tank matching the silhouette of the modern Ragnarok existed during the Heresy. Since the Ragnarok is obviously just a 40k-ed up Soviet KV-2 from the 1940's, I figured I'd give them a nod and call these "Khalophis Vixtrix-2" tanks to give 'em a little Thousand Sons-y feel as well.


  1. Looking good, and good way to re-purpose them.

  2. And magically the were just finished! Well done, looking really cool!

  3. Yeah! Cool name, cool tank, cool paint job. Your a legend sir.

  4. Wery good name and tanks are looking wery good.

  5. Just how many rivets is that? I feel for you, I decided at the start that Relictor vehicles would have Leadbelcher rivets, I now regret that decision 20+ vehicles later ha ha

  6. They fit the army so well. Beautiful stuff.

  7. Nice work, keep it up!

    Matt-Power Armoured Metal

  8. They are really just jumping ahead there Chief, well done. Looking forward to seeing the finishedeffect.

  9. Nice! The crenelated look of those turrets matches up with the Thousands Sons aesthetic quite well, too.

    There are just too many nice kits out there these days....

  10. Lovely work as usual :) Am I to assume there are some "Khalophis Vixtrix-1" tanks in the works too?

  11. @SonsOfTaurus: Thanks very much!

    @Manus: Hah! I've definitely got this recipe down at this point. ;)

    @Col. Hertford: Cheers, man!

    @Jakub Furlanetto: Thanks!

    @Siph_Horridus: Over three hundred rivets per tank. Ugh. Still gotta rivet up the Stormhammer at some point, not looking forward to that! Hah!

    @The GunGrave: Thanks very much, man!

    @Vitor: Thanks! They'll get a bit more personality following the transfers and weathering...

    @Kieran B: Cheers my friend!

    @Col. Ackland: Thanks! I quite enjoyed painting 'em!

    @Matthew Davies: Thanks man!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks! Got another snowstorm moving in so we'll have to play the sealant pass at the end by ear...

    @#2501: I appreciate it! Rather pleased with how they'll fit in!

    @Musings of a Smurf: Hah! I'll have to consider it - while I quite like these tanks, I'll admit the constant stream of issues I had with MaxMini getting them has soured me somewhat on them for now.

    I really appreciate all the kind words, everyone! Cheers!

  12. Oh nice, you'll be at Nova. I'm going to have a booth there again this year. Make sure to swing by. We should get drinks one night there.

  13. @The Eye of Error: Excellent! I'm definitely down to lift a pint with ya out there!