Friday, March 18, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Using the Deathwatch minis for parts

As a vague segue from the recent work on the Genestealer cultists from the Deathwatch release, today's post features the first pass at building some Heresy characters out of the marine models! Included in the set is a Blood Ravens Librarian, which of course is the natural model to use for the Thousand Sons but to begin with I figured I'd start with the Ultramarine Chaplain model as a basis for some sort of character or another!

No real plan in mind with the build, other than just Thousand Sons-ing it up a bit with an arm, head and weapon swap. While the crozius is cool, I just don't see the Thousand Sons having Chaplains, so a Khopesh-style two-handed axe it is! Swapped out the bolt pistol arm with a plasma pistol from the Betrayal at Calth set as well.

Figure he'd make a decent Praetor with a paragon blade, or failing that it's hard to go wrong with yet another Sorcerer! Dug up the last remaining base to put him on, one of these days the bases I'd ordered back at the end of December will actually arrive and I can get started on the infantry in earnest!

In other news a package arrived a few days back containing something that I probably didn't really need, but my predilection for picking up unusual and limited edition 40k stuff meant it was inevitable. I contacted a hobby buddy over in the UK who was kind enough to pick up a box of the HQ Command Tanks for me when he stopped by Warhammer World. Woo-hoo!

Essentially the box is just a basic Land Raider and Rhino, plus one sprue of add-on parts. Some cool double-sided doors allow for a bit of style choice, but for the most part are pretty bling-y. Again, no real plan for the models and for now they're just being squirreled away into the Closet of Doom for a rainy day when inspiration strikes. With all the aquilas and so forth they may be useful for the upcoming Adeptus Custodes rumored to be coming out with the Thousand Sons/Space Wolf heresy book scheduled for later this year...


  1. Looks awesome. The additions really fill him with character :)

  2. That TS character looks excellent. Where's the head from?

  3. @NafNaf: Thanks man!

    @Col. Hertford: I appreciate it! The head is from a company called Wargame Exclusive minis, and show up on ebay fairly frequently as well.

    Cheers folks!

  4. Nice use of the Deathwatch minis.

    Glad to see you rolling out the Sons again, I do fear you are going to over load the closet though. Start building something before it grows sentience!

  5. Hah! Indeed, the CoD is going to need another purge soon, it's getting out of hand again... :)

  6. eBay or selling on here or shipping it to lovely broke Irish people or some other option?

  7. Nice changes to an otherwise dull original sculpt. They should get you on the design team, might offer some excitement to Space Marines again.