Thursday, March 31, 2016

Giveaway Results! ...And an Eeeeeevil post!

I realized that today's post is the 666th post I've made, which of course calls for...

In a similar vein, early next week a few friends are going to go see Iron Maiden, which is always a fun time - granted, we don't rock out at shows like we used to, but I'll still stand in the back and throw up the horns. Heh.
Now, the Million View Giveaway results! I just want to say thank you all once again for all the kind words and encouragement over the years, it is truly humbling. You folks are awesome, and I'm truly glad that my inane scribblings have provided entertainment and inspiration! I went through the list of commenters and fed them into the randomization cogitator to determine who gets the Rogue Trader rule book and the winner is...

Dave Weston!

Drop me an email at moonlight (at) with your address and I'll pop the book in the mail to ya!

In actual modeling news the cult limo arrived from Wargame Exclusive and I'm rather pleased with the model, looking forward to getting some paint on it. Been pretty busy this week with work and the band so not much hobby time, but this weekend is looking pretty open, hoping to get some good brush time in!


  1. Now that's more like it. Not sure the Fat patriarch can fit inside, but the magus certainly can, and his ho's.

    Congrats to dave!

  2. Love me a bit of maiden. Love o go see them live. Been looking at a few wargames exclusive bits for my word bearers. The quality you have shown of the models makes we def consider them even more

  3. Congratulations again chief and to the winner.

    The limo does look rather fancy for sure.

  4. Nice goat...

    The limo with the Magus look well retro!