Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For when you care enough to send the very best, part 1

No updates recently, I've been out of state for the last week attending GenCon out in Indy - five days of high-octane geekery, far too many cocktails and sleep deprivation. It was glorious!

Now that I'm back however, it's time to get cracking on Challenge #2 for the Tale of Even More Painters! This go-around we've been asked to complete 125 points in Elites or Heavy support. That being the case, I've decided to focus on finishing up the Deathstrike Missile Carrier that I've (barely) started. At the moment it's in two main sections - the crawler, which I've decided to represent with what was originally going to be an Adeptus Mechanicus vehicle, and the missile itself, which is comprised of an old V-2 model kit plus some extra bits and bobs to make it not quite so obviously a V-2:

Since I last fiddled around with the crawler, GW has released the Planetstrike terrain, which has provided me with a number of interesting new bits to use in its construction. Over the next week or so I need to finish the build, and get it primered and painted. My intention is to include a number of tech-priests and servitors tending to the missile which will allow me to use it in both my guard army (whose paint scheme the vehicle will ultimately wear) and the eventual Ad-Mech army as well. Of course to finish it will require some deep delves into the Closet of Doom. I've made mention of it in the past, and I figured I'd snap a couple pictures to give an idea of why I call it the CoD:

Every one of those boxes on the shelves is full of bits of one type or another, collected over 20 years of hobbying. Frighteningly enough, there's even more boxes on the shelves below and above what's shown, the camera wasn't able to catch the full extent of it. It makes for good conversion fodder for sure, but I wouldn't go so far as to say that the bits are particularly organized. It's really a bit of a crap shoot whether I'm able to really find the bits I'm looking for! On the other hand, I'll usually run across something I wasn't looking for but would end up working just as well, if not better!

Ah, what a terrible space-gobbling addiction miniature gaming can be!


  1. Wow. No really: wow.

    That's what stuff should look like!

  2. Wow, your closet looks like my apartment. More sprues and less assembled models in your closet then in my apartment, as I tend to build everything even if I do not intend to paint it anytime soon (building and converting is my favorite part of the hobby). I need to get a closet like that to store my stuff.

    As for the model, cool conversion. Ork Trukk as the base?

  3. Thanks! The main chassis is based on a pair of Ork Battlewagons and a bunch of plasticard and tubing. I'm going for the soviet missile crawler look, just roughing it out and de-orkifying it at the moment.

    I'm right there with ya Huron, doing conversions is the part of the hobby that I enjoy most of all!

  4. Outstanding deathstrike mate, can't wait to see it finished.

    I'm also quite envious of your closest of death, I've only got a corner - lol