Monday, August 3, 2009

Heavy Hitters of the Traitor Guard

I was able to spend some time this past weekend finishing up the last of the half-done Traitor Guard models. Finally!

I started off with the Renegade Ogryns that have been awaiting the last color or two for the better part of eight months. I'd intended to run it as two units of three, as I had the standard Ogryn Champion and the limited edition Games Day Champion as well. Amusing anecdote - I wasn't paying as much attention to the ebay listing for the limited edition champion and ended up bidding 40 pounds rather than the intended 40 dollars. Ah well, that's what I get for not double-checking the listing!

Next up was a Leman Russ Demolisher armed with a hull-mounted Lascannon and sponson-mounted Multi-meltas. I went with a simple black and scab red paint scheme to match the Blood Pact troops.

Lastly was a Traitor Baneblade. I'd always wanted to make one, but up until GW released a plastic version, I was loath to carve into a $300+ Forge World resin model. This was a fairly straightforward upgrade using bits from the Chaos Vehicle Upgrade sprues, a few parts from a Defiler, and a couple skulls from the Arcane Ruins set.

These have all gone up on the auction block as well, to help extend the entertainment budget for GenCon this year - just a little more than a week to go before heading out to Indy!


  1. Love the colour scheme you've got going there. The baneblade is excellent.

  2. Thanks - I'll admit that a predominantly-black paint scheme certainly saves time when it comes to the larger vehicles! Or course, now I have the urge to make a companion traitor Shadowsword in the reversed paint scheme...

  3. Wow fantastic stuff! I agree with the Colonel, the Baneblade is excellent! Although black can be an easily applied scheme, you have definately given it a very dynamic appearance with the contrasting colours. Red and black have always gone great together in my opinion

  4. I'm finally going to do a traitor guard using the new Nurgle list in Vraks part 3. Did you really sell the tanks? I never sell anything and I try only to buy unpainted models, I use only stuff I've completely painted. I'm so slow...

  5. Nice - I'm looking forward to Part 3 as well! I'd built a squad of nurgle-ish traitor guardsmen out of cadians and zombie bits, but haven't painted them yet. I decided I probably wouldn't ever play the traitor guard so I've been painting it up and selling it piecemeal, which seems to be going fairly well. As much as I hate to let them go, I find I have to paint and sell the older projects, otherwise I wouldn't have any room in my house for the newer ones! :)