Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playing catch-up on TOEMP Challenge #1, part 2

I was able to finish up the six Hardened Veterans last night, bringing me up to speed for the Tale of Even More Painters competition. Two meltagunners, three basic lasgun-armed troopers and the proxy Sergeant Harker, who in my army's fluff will be called Sergeant Janos. It seems to me that Harker is an analog of "Blain" from Predator, so I figured using Jesse Ventura's true last name would be an appropriate homage.

I have to say, being able to just focus on a handful of miniatures definitely made the whole process go much faster and kept my enthusiasm up. The trouble with painting horde armies is the sheer number of infantry, which I usually attack in large blocks of 30+ models at a time. While it certainly helps to get large swaths of troops done at once, it's awful boring painting the same thing over and over and over and over...

Here's a shot of the newly-armed veterans squad as an entire unit - I have another five painted veterans armed with various heavy and special weapons that I'll be using for the seeds of the next two veteran squads. One will be armed with plasma guns, and the other with grenade launchers and a missile launcher.

Lastly, I was asked to provide a comparison shot of the 'basic' infantry to show the regular paint scheme vs. the reversed scheme on the Vets. This is the 1st platoon/1st squad in the standard red fatigues and grey armor.

Overall, the vets are one of my favorite units - even though they die like dogs in every game they take part in!


  1. Fantastic work mate! I really like the contrast between red and blue, it looks great, especially against the grey-ish bases. I can tell you planned these fellas out very well before starting to paint them!

  2. I agree with M. unforgiven, the red and blue looks pretty awesome

  3. The red breastplates and shoulder pads turned out very well. You definitely get the sense that these guys are an elite element in an IG army. I have a question that might have been answered in one your earlier posts: are the gas masks greenstuffed or bits?

  4. Really really nice. I love the look and the Harker conversion turned out great. Any chance we can see a completed army shot, or at least what you have done. I bet it is a sweet looking army.

  5. Eh, never mind, I need to not post at 3:44am and learn to scroll better, lol. How about a comparison of Veteran marines compared to standard Infantry.

  6. Thanks folks!

    Paul - The heads are from the FW "Cadians with respirators" upgrade pack, I wish I had the greenstuff sculpting skills to pull something like that off! :)

    Huron, I've added a pic of the 1st platoon squad to show the reversed paint scheme.

  7. Like it. Especially the autocannon team!