Saturday, August 29, 2009

TOEMP #3 - The Mordian 7th Regimental Command, part 1

The third stage of the Tale of Even More Painters competition has begun - the challenge this time is to choose or create a special character for the army. In my case that will be the Mordian 7th Regimental Command: Commander Evin Eldro and Lord Commissar Fidel Arden, along with their command staff. At the moment all the figs assembled and primered and I've started on the skin tones and eyes:

I'd kicked around the idea of proxy-ing either Creed or Straken, but neither really suit how I envision Commander Eldro, so I'll likely just stick with a 'vanilla' HQ choice as far as rules and such go. I might add a simple command special ability, perhaps a strategem from Planetstrike or something along those lines for an appropriate points cost.

I'm rather looking forward to painting this unit - it ended up being 11 strong, but every fig is unique which makes it a lot more entertaining to do, I find.


  1. I love the chap on the right (bodyguard, perchance?) in the process of getting slotted!

  2. Have to agree with the Admiral on that one... the blood spirt is hilarious! How did you model that?

  3. LOL that fella is a fantastic representation of being on the receiving end of an enemy weapon! I really like this idea mate, especially the character and the fact that each model is uniquely posed!

  4. Thanks folks - I had a lot of fun building the models, I tried to squeeze a bunch of character in to each fig.

    Max - I'm afraid what looks like a blood spurt from the forehead of the bodyguard getting shot is just an optical illusion from a big of spilled paint on the cutting board in the background. He is modeled with a large hole in his breastplate, which should become more apparent once I get him painted...