Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hobby Retrospective - Tzeentch Renegades, Part 3

Time for another weekend hobby retrospective! Up today are the fast attack choices from the Tzeentch Renegade army.

The wings that come with the Possessed models made for excellent proxy jump packs for the unit of Raptors. I tried to carry through the secondary blue-and-pink-horror theme for the various mutations and daemon models, which tied the whole force together nicely.

For the Bikers I immediately knew I wanted to do riders on Disks of Tzeentch, but the old school disks that I had were really too small. Instead I went with the models riding Screamers (as at the time they weren't used in 40k). As above, the daemonic creatures got the pink and blue treatment, which stands out nicely from the blue and yellow of the marines.

My interest in flyers carried through into this army as well - the Forge World Hellblade model is just fantastic in my opinion. Of course all this looking back on old projects has gotten me thinking about working up a small-ish Heresy-era Thousand Sons army... Argh!


  1. Hey, the raptors are great, I really like the way that you have blended the blue into purple/pink. Very nice.

    I share your love for the hellblade as well. It is a beautiful model.

  2. How did you base your Hellblade? I keep looking at mine (still in its bag) and trying to work out how to base the damn thing.

  3. I'd purchased the Hellblade back before the new flying stand was released, as such this particular one was done on a 60mm base and a 6" clear acrylic rod. If I had it to do over, I would have mounted it on a 120mm base instead, and go with an 8"-12" acrylic rod. The Dragonforge flying bases would be what I'd use nowadays (and is what I'm using for the Void Dragon I picked up for the Dark Eldar).