Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Kabal of the Crimson Woe, Part 6 - The Court of the Crimson King Painted

A bit more forward progress with the Dark Eldar this past week - I managed to get 10/11ths of the Court of the Crimson King painted. It was pointed out that I misplaced the Lhaemean when I was cleaning up the hobby area. At this moment, I have no idea where it ended up in the crowds of miniatures up on the shelves. Whoops!

The Crimson King himself was painted in several different shades of red, although not much of the cape is visible in the picture. I was pleased how the cool tones of the base contrasts with the warm tones of the model.

The Ur-Ghuls were made by adding a little bit of greenstuff to the heads, covering the eyes and adding a number of extra nostrils. I tried to mimic the Ur-Ghul skulls on the back-splines on the Wyches sprue. I tried a different skin tone than what I have planned for the actual Dark Eldar - a much more pasty and greenish skin than the cool porcelain of their Eldar masters.

For the Sslyth I wanted to avoid the pink/purple Slaaneshi scheme and went for a light green and a blue wash to make a cool, reptilian skin tone. I was somewhat disappointed in the fact that I couldn't really mount them on the same resin bases that the remainder of the army are on, but I tried to carry through on the paint scheme at least.

The Medusae were fun little conversions, I really liked the idea of 'floating brain-slug zombies'. On the table they lay down a pair of templates at AP d6, which gives the unit a nice bit of crowd control. 

Lastly I finished the Webway Portal and tracked down an appropriately-sized marble to represent the portal itself. Quite a simple little conversion, but I was quite pleased - It has a bit more personality than the 'repainted vortex template' in my opinion.

Still experimenting with the paint scheme a bit - initially I was planning on red-lined black armor, but I've subsequently decided that I'd go with a dark red undercoat rather than black. The transitions between the black and red on the test models just turned out too abrupt, and starting with a dark red instead should allow for much smoother transitions...


  1. Very cool, well done on all of it.

  2. Let me congratulate you on the web way, it looks great, I like the base by the way.

  3. Thanks folks! I'm trying a lot of new paint methods with this army, but so far I've been pleased with the results!

  4. Top notch, right down to the basing. I especially like the creepy faces of those Ur-Ghuls.

  5. Great stuff! Lots of originality all around, particularly the webway portal.

  6. Fantastic!
    The webway especially is great