Monday, January 10, 2011

The Kabal of the Crimson Woe, Part 7 - Raider and Venom paint test

As I'd mentioned previously, my initial idea for the paint scheme for the Kabal of the Crimson Woe was predominantly black, fading to a crimson/red at the edges. However, when I actually started trying to paint the scheme, I found that the transition from black to red just looked too abrupt, especially on the larger plates on the various skimmers. Instead I've decided that the base color would be red, and I'd build up to a brighter red edging. So, below are the two test vehicles using the new scheme - first up, one of the Archon's Raiders:

Obviously, all I've done so far is just the red sections, all of the detail work still remains to be done. I'm still a little sloppy on the edge work, but practice makes perfect as they say! The plates are undercoated in Dark Flesh, followed by a Red Gore and Blood Red edging. Once that's done, I washed the plates with Baal Red which darkened them up a bit and smoothed out some of the more jagged edging fumbles. I then applied the same technique to the Venom:

Again, a little rough on the edging, I need to work on smoothing out that part of the process. Overall however I'm pleased with the resulting color - it's a nice dark crimson, which works well for a group called the Kabal of the Crimson Woe!


  1. Great looking dark eldar army. I love your archon court models. The slyth are probably my favorite. I also really like your trueborn models. I may copy a squad for my trueborn, may throw in some wyche masked models as well.

    I like how your paint job is coming along. I painted reavers and a Venom in the same dark red/black style. I base coated them black, then dry-brushed dark brown, dry-brushed scab red and then dry-brushed red gore. The final dry-brush was more of a red streaking then a dry-brush. I like the look, and it came together quickly. I haven't posted the reavers yet as I need to finish them, but you can check them out at

    I like what you have done so far. Great looking army.

  2. Thanks! I really like the Venom that you've done - I can see how the dark brown was probably the missing step in the own recipe, the scheme that you're doing looks awesome!