Thursday, January 27, 2011

Myrmidon Assault Engine Mk.II, - Part 2

A little hobby time brought me to the conclusion that I ought to paint the Myrmidon and the Anathema simultaneously, and as such I spent a little more time de-chaosifying the model before taking advantage of a nice day to primer them both. After that, I got stuck in:

At the moment I've just got the initial metal and red undercoats down. I realized shortly after I started that my tank brush was nearly ruined, and the drybrushing didn't go as well as I'd liked. I'll be going back through and touching it up once I pick up a new brush.

I decided for a complete new cover over the leg and neck armor rather than try and cut the dozens of little triangles and spikes off. The new plates are thin card that was then soaked in superglue which forms a fairly serviceable plasticard when it dries.

This arm suffered from spotty drybrushing, but I'm planning on blocking in more of the arm and weapon with red to give it a bit more color. Next up, pictures of the Anathema in progress...


  1. Every time I see the cannon on that thing's right arm I can't help but smile. Reminds me of the Maser tanks from the old Toho Godzilla movies.

    No worries on that drybrushing. It's nothing a black ink wash won't fix, and when you get that new brush you can touch it up again. I just ruined a brush myself, finishing up a client's Land Raider.

  2. Wow this defiler conversion is awesome!

    A while ago I was thinking of doing a mechanicus army, this is seriously great inspiration material!