Sunday, January 30, 2011

Terrain Project - Hills and Toxic Pools

It's a running joke that games at my place invariably are set in urban environments, so a woodworking friend of mine made a set of hills and sludge pits for my tables to change things up a bit.

There's enough to comfortably cover a full 4x8 table (this shot is it all condensed in to a 4x4 space), and they definitely will come in handy to give my battlefields a little more flavor. They're all made from very sturdy plywood, sanded and finished to withstand some serious gaming. I particularly like the sludge pools - he used a couple different techniques on the water effects and they turned out looking really toxic.


  1. Nice one, the sludge pools look particually hazardous!

    The GW Craters are also good for making pools (toxic or otherwise!) I've got a few waiting in the wings ready to become Tyranid Digestion Pools!

  2. Very cool; I like the protruding barrels.

  3. The sludge pools are all kinds of awesome! I really like how the different shades of colour seep in to oneanother.

  4. Indeed - the pools were my favorite. The water effects were layered on. The bottom layer was a solid green tint which was allowed to dry before the next layer was applied. While the next layer was still liquid, it had paint dripped in and swirled around a bit with a cocktail stick. The paint ended up settling a bit as the upper layer of water effects dried, so it appears 'under the surface'. It really is a neat effect!