Saturday, August 20, 2011

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Predator and Rhino painting in progress, part 1

While I was about it, I got the red on the Mk.1c Predator and Rhino kits I'd picked up from Machinator at Blood and Skulls Industries. The red followed the same recipe (Dark Flesh, Red Gore, Blood Red, Baal Red), I am quite pleased at how well these hearken back to the original kits, while maintaining the somewhat more 'chunky' current-era models.

At this point all three tanks are at the same stage, next up is going in and re-blacking all the appropriate areas, then start the detailing process on the trim and doors. I'm still pondering how best to distribute the white and gold trim colors however.

I find if I go with too much gold, they start to look more like Word Bearers, so I guess I need to ensure there's sufficient fields of white to balance it out. On the Rhino, I can do up the side doors in white with the red starburst symbol, but I'm not sure about the Predator. Definitely open to suggestions at this point!


  1. Looking awesome again! I really like this red formula you came up with.

    Also you totally need to paint a Nova symbol on those top double doors. That would look AWESOME.

  2. I really like those old-school add-ons. They're proportions fit well with the newer, larger Rhino and Predator kits.

    For the Thousand Sons symbol on the Predator, how about the starburst symbol across the front of the tank? And by that, I don't mean keeping the symbol within the borders of one door or the other, but do more of a superimposed image across the whole front. Think Dave Taylor's Chaos symbols.

  3. Thanks very much everyone!

    @LuckyNo.5 - Excellent idea! I'll do the nova across the top doors, perhaps with the tactical arrow inside the circle...

    @Old School Terminator - It took the better part of a year to gather the various bits, and I'm really enjoing finally being able to get started on 'em! Alas, the guard continues to languish in the Closet of Doom...

    @Gary Therkildsen - That's an excellent suggestion for the symbol on the front of the Predator, I like it!