Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mordian 7th Regiment - Compendium History

I'm commissioning a new banner from LuckyNo.5 over at Eye of Error, which got me rooting around in the depths of my personal cogitator for the picts scanned from the old red Compendium. I've referenced the history in my posts in the past, but had never shared the actual pages. So, for those who haven't ever flipped through the old RT era books and for old hands who remember the old days, here's a bit of a blast from the past!

This page has the history of the regiment, as well as the organizational table for D Company, which has been the seed and inspiration for my guard over the years. This current go-around I'm not planning on slavishly recreating the entire company as it's a) not particularly competitive in the current edition and b) vast chunks of the list have been invalidated or changed significantly by the current codex. Eagle-eyed readers will note the planet the regiment was raised from is spelled "Mordion" but the references to the Hive Cities and the swift and orderly reprisal against the Night Rippers attempts to take over leads me to believe the current day Mordians can trace their history to this article. It is for this reason that "my" Mordians don't wear the customary dress blues that most of the units drawn from Mordia do - the ganger background means they are a bit less rigid than most of the regiments drawn from that world.

The next two pages have an illustration of D company (by the awesome Pete Knifton), as well as some flavor text describing the various units. I've tried to incorporate elements of this history into my own armies, with varying degrees of success. This current go-around I'm sticking much closer to the described colors and symbols the 7th uses on their uniforms and vehicles, including the fist-and-knife emblem. I've pulled out a few squads and vehicles from the guard and will hopefully have some brush time over the weekend...

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  1. Nice to see some of the older background material still knocking around and proving inspiring.

    Beastmen squads...those were the days...

    Look forward to what you do with the force.