Friday, September 21, 2012

The Praetorian Project - Making tracks

Pressing onward on the Leviathan - spent some time last night cleaning and assembling the tread sections I got from Tom McBride's Blood and Skulls Industry! My hobby table was adrift in resin trimmings and shavings. It looks like wintertime happened early...

I'm quite happy with how they're coming along so far - though I still need to sort out exactly how they're going to attach to the lower superstructure. I have a few ideas that I'll have to test out. I do know that I'm planning on leaving them unattached for painting and then glue them in afterwards...

One of the major elements of the Leviathan is the Doomsday cannon that is center-mounted on the hull. I finally managed to find a couple pieces of PVC that should fit the bill! Gotta love 40k for its unfeasibly large weapon systems...

In other news, if you're in Colorado my band Stealth Hippo is playing a gig on Saturday the 22nd at The DNote in Arvada at 9:30pm. Ridiculous costumes, giant mustaches and crazy music! Should be a good time!


  1. So amazing, & you're working fast too, can't wait to see this thing come together!

  2. Wow, The treads look amazing. I can imagine the gushy bits of many astartes, xenos, and human alike coating the treads of this behemoth!

  3. This will need a base so you can stick skulls and skulls being crushed under those massive treads like at the beginning of the Terminator films! ^_^

    (I like your guys' music. Mellow, reminds me of stuff Me and my band used to write, except yours is actually good.)

  4. Those tracks are the business, id make a flat shallow oblong boxand drill holes for the dowls to go into then build the super structere up from there. Should create a nice sturdy base for it.


  5. Thanks folks!

    I think adding a base to the whole thing is a great idea - being able to run some structural support from the table up through the center of it all will help keep the weight distributed. ...And will allow me to add some squashed xenos! Great ideas, guys, thanks!

  6. You sir, are nuts. But I admire it :) Looking amazing so far and I can't wait to see it complete!