Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Praetorian Project - Upper superstructure detailing

Almost all the detail bits have arrived, and I was finally able to get some windows that were the right size. I was feeling like goldilocks there for a bit - those windows were too small, those windows were too big. These windows are juuuuuust right!

Still waiting for the brass etch aquilas to arrive from FW for use on the front panel (along with a Thudd Gun for the guard), but in the meantime I'm down to two choices for the Doomsday cannon. It's a little hard to tell which will work best at the moment since the front panel isn't attached to the whole superstructure, but I'm leaning towards the first one as it's closer to the 'real' model's aesthetic.

I'm working on the side sponson construction now, trying out a couple different options - one that will utilize the small turrets that Tom McBride supplied me with (small-ish, but match the upper turret look) and one that uses the Razorback turrets (bigger, but different style-wise). Again, I'm not sure which is going to work best until I get the upper superstructure re-assembled. Soon enough we'll see how they look!


  1. The second one get's my vote. At this scale I think the added section adds that extra bit of detail (along with any rivets you are going to add). The first seems too chunky, too simple.

  2. Second one. Yup, I agree with Dai. Can't wait to see this finished Mordian.