Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tzeentch Renegades - Cultist squads painted

Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend (for us Yanks, at least)! Over the past weekend Dark Vengeance was released and I managed to get a hold of a couple limited edition sets - Ostensibly for the mini rulebook, but lets be honest the models included look amazing as well, and are well worth the purchase.

I thought it was clever on the part of GW to include what appear to be a couple starter armies each capable of acting as an allied force for most of the various armies out there, so even if you don't happen to play Dark Angels or Chaos, there's a little something for everyone (except the bugs)! I will say I feel that the units provided don't lend themselves quite as well to buying multiple copies of the box set as the Assault on Black Reach set did - doubling up really adds far too many HQ and Elites choices in my opinion. Nevertheless, the models are staggeringly beautiful. I'm planning on painting up the Dark Angels to ally with the guard from time to time, but to be frank I was much more interested in the Chaos stuff, which has already got me thinking about starting a new Tzeentch Renegades force. That said, I knocked out the cultists over the long weekend:

First up is the hand-to-hand unit - let me start by saying that these are, hands down, the best cultists GW has made to date, and they were an absolute joy to build and paint. I especially like the fact that various models are obviously fallen members of the assorted strata of Imperial life - there are tech priests, and ministorum, adeptus terra and miners and what have you. Excellent stuff! As they are intended to be Tzeentchian cultists, I went with a semi-randomized pattern of blue, yellow and dirty white. If I paint up the second set I'm thinking I'll be using them for our 40k:RPG games and will paint them up more closely adhering to the colors of the adeptus to which they appear to belong, but for now I'm quite pleased with how these turned out!

The second squad of cultists are armed with ranged weapons such as autoguns and a heavy stubber and again there are some simply beautiful sculpts - I really enjoyed painting them! The leader of this unit is by far my favorite - the liberated Commissar's coat and the grotesque makes him just ooze with character!

Next up on the painting table is the first unit of Skitarii for my Ad Mech army, but the remaining Chaos units from the Dark Vengeance set aren't too far behind!


  1. They look great, although I'm mostly jealous since my set has apparently been delayed!

  2. Thanks folks!

    @Myincubliss - I hear ya, I had one delivered from GW and ordered one from my FLGS, and unfortunately the local guy didn't get his shipment until yesterday. Definitely a bummer!

    @Da Masta Cheef - Hah! They definitely are bright and cheerful looking. There'll be several units of Tzeentchian daemons coming that'll up the kaleidoscopic aspect of the army thoroughly... :)

  3. Holy crap your fast man!
    Awesome job.
    I cannot wait to get my hands on this kit soon....

  4. They are some of the best Cultists I have seen painted yet. Superb! I like the green blowing eyes. A simple plate of colours but mixing the colour locations looks like its the way to go. Thanks for sharing these, top stuff!

  5. blowing eyes!? WTF? yeah, I mean 'Glowing eyes', LOL.
    and also 'palette of colours'
    sorry for not proof reading!!!

  6. Awesome stuff! It is rare to see tzeentch flavored traitors like these.

    Soon I will have normal access to the internet vs phone access and will be able to open the DFG gmail account again. Just letting you know in case you have been sending me stuff.

  7. Seriously good, I have no idea how you paint them up so fast and to such a good standard! Loving the Tzeentch.

  8. Thanks very much, everyone!

    @Kevin @ Colonel Winterborne - These weren't as fast as I may have made it sound. I got my shipment from GW on Saturday morning and spent a good chunk of Sunday and Monday working on 'em. There's probably 8 hours or so in 'em. They were batch painted with a fairly limited set of colors and with a plan in mind which helped, and the varied locations and sculpts kept me invested in the task. Painting twenty of the same guardsman can get quite tedious, but when every fig is rather different it's much easier!

    @Col. Ackland - I blame recalcitrant machine spirits. :)

    @Old School Terminator - I'm a Tzeentch guy at heart, and I've been itching to do more bad guys. Expect to see some emails coming your way as I work up the rest of the set!

    Cheers, everyone!

  9. They look great - I've yet to cut mine from the sprue! :)