Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eldar - The army so far...

Just a quick post today - Couple folks have asked for a group shot of the Eldar, so I laid them out in roughly the same setup as the painting chart and snapped a pic over my lunchbreak today while I had some relatively decent light:

It's definitely a colorful army! I have gotten the basic blue laid down on the Dire Avengers, I'm trying to ensure they are done up in a different style/shade of blue from the earlier Guardians - a little lighter, and done in a wash-over-white primer style similar to the Fire Dragons and Striking Scorpions. I dabbled with the Warp Spiders but didn't like the 'brown recluse' scheme so they'll likely get a bath in Simple Green and start anew soon!


  1. get more wave serpents - they are freakin' deadly!

  2. the army is shaping up well.


  3. I am impressed by the speed of progress with this army and the quality is not lacking. Hope to see a closer look at the army when it is done.

  4. I think I'll do this with my army as well!

  5. Really great army mate, and done in record time too. The crimson hunter is my favourite, the red fade is just gorgeous.

  6. @Tristan M: Definitely! I was well pleased with their performance last game!

    @ColKillgore: I appreciate it!

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Thanks, mate!

    @Agis: I'm rather surprised at how quickly these guys are painting up as well - I'm planning a whole new set of army shots once it's all done.

    @enrgie: Definitely! Would love to see 'em all laid out!

    @Sheep: Cheers man! I think the hunter is my favorite of the lot as well!