Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eldar - Wraithblades painted

Disaster struck today when I didn't pay heed to my instinct that it was too humid and tried sealing some miniatures. Frosted the lot of 'em. ARGH.

However, this isn't the end of the world, and I've found that brushing on some gloss varnish over the worst of it and re-spray-sealing the models they can usually recover from my rookie mistake. The Wraithblades were the least affected so I snapped a couple pics:

The blades were done up in a graduated red which sets off against the blue and yellow pretty well. They were done by starting with a dark flesh basecoat, then worked up from gory red through hot orange, followed by a wash of carroburg crimson. The blue and gems follow the same recipe as found on the other Alaitoc models in the army. Easy peasy!

Definitely a fun unit to build and paint, and they've worked rather well on the table so far as well! Next up is the Seer Council, which were unfortunately a bit more effected by the frosting and actually required some full-on painted touch ups... That'll teach me to disregard my own advice on spray sealing, I guess!


  1. Very nice mate, the blades look almost airbrushed.

    You weren't tempted to go with the axes and invul?

    S7, and a 4+ invul seems to be something that would be hard to shift.

  2. The "gloss over the top" trick works everytime for me.

    These look very nice mate.

    Surprised though you didn't opt for markings on their domes?

  3. Could I be rude and suggest one shaper highlight on the swords? At the moment they look a little bit like rusted wraithbone - still nice but they don't look sharp.


  4. They look great! Nice work and you're almost done. That was fast!!

  5. @Sheep: Thanks! I liked the extra attacks the swords provided, but if I was to do a second unit I'd probably go axe and shield...

    @Dai: I appreciate it! I'm considering going back in and adding a mess of waterslides across the various models as a final finishing touch, at which point these guys will likely get the infinity symbols on their 'heads'...

    @Minitrol: Not a bad idea!

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Thanks mate! I've missed my mark of 'finished by the weekend', but only by a day or two. :)

    Cheers all!

  6. Looking very nice. Do like the kit, Eldar have some very nice plastic kits that make them very tempting.

    Have to agree that some markings on the heads would set them off nicely though.

  7. Well saved, despite what happened they still look good!

  8. Man these are looking good. Very clean elvish paint job, I love them!

  9. @Rictus: Indeed - I was quite impressedwith the new plastic kits in the Eldar release. Was hoping for some plastic aspect warriors other than Dire Avengers, though. I'll be going in and adding some markings on these guys this evening based on everyone's feedback - they definitely would benefit from it. Here's hoping I don't frost 'em again afterwards! :)

    @Sir Tainly: Thanks mate! I was kicking myself over the frosting issue, was the first time that's happened to me in a long, long time and was totally my fault for not being patient. Doh!

    @The Eye of Error: I appreciate it!

    Cheers all!