Sunday, September 8, 2013

Giveaway results! ...And a sudden shift in direction.

Howdy folks! My personal cogitator has been having some sporadic issues with my noospheric connection, but after lighting a sufficient amount of incense and providing numerous offerings to the machine spirits all seems to be in working order once again.

First off, I dusted off the polyhedral random numeric generation devices to determine the outcome of the post 400 giveaway and the winner is...


Congrats mate - if you want to drop me an email with your address, I'll get the bikes on their transport through the warp to the Devos IV warzone!

In other hobby news, it has come to light that a group of heresy-era fans are attempting to set up a series of Heresy Weekends here in the states in mid-January, with locations in Richmond VA, Memphis TN and Rancho Cucamonga CA, with the potential for other locations as well depending on the level of interest out there. If you have any interest in Heresy gaming stateside, I highly recommend checking out the Heresy 30k Forums run by Loken of Apocalypse 40k/The Big Game fame - he's a great guy who is passionate about hosting fun events!

My buddy Dave over at Ex Fide Vivo and I are huge fans of the Heresy, and took a trip across the pond to participate in the Tempus Fugitives narrative campaign weekend a while back. He's subsequently been gathering models for a Salamanders army while I've been biding my time knowing that the Prospero supplement that will contain my beloved Thousand Sons is still years away. However the thought of doing another Heresy weekend and not having to cross an ocean to do it got me thinking...

I didn't really want to do another Thousand Sons army just yet, and the Iron Hands I started working on are just too modern to work as a Heresy-era army, so I had a chat with Dave about other options. Since he's doing a loyalist legion I figured it was appropriate that I do a traitor legion, and I ended up settling on the Alpha Legion. Granted, their book isn't due out until the end of the year, but Betrayal does have the basic Legion army list - enough at least to put the core of an army together and leave a little room for whatever Alpha Legion goodies may be in store with the release of Extermination.

What this does mean however is that I'm theoretically on the hook to buy, build and paint a whole mess of FW stuff over the next three-ish months. That means that in the short term, I need to concentrate on finishing off a bunch of little project remnants and get some stuff up on the auction block to help fund the army. Unfortunately that means that the poll results are going to be put on hold until I get on the other side of the Alpha Legion - though I do have some Ad-Mech and Iron Hands stuff I've finished up to show in the next day or so - here's a quick in process shot taken earlier this weekend:

Cheers everyone!


  1. Looking good, the red plates work well.


  2. I like the red, keep at it. Can't wait to see Alpharius on your workbench.

  3. Congrats to Zzzzzz! Looking forward to seeing a heresy era army as they are few and far between here! The only one ice seen in person was a small true scale world eaters force. Here's to the alpha legion!

  4. Alpha legion are my fav. Also my most popular post was the alpha legion run down I did for painting them, but one has nothing to do with the other I assume you ;) My pj was inspired by the cover of the HH book Legion. Also that cohort looks great! I didn't really like them when I saw them on the FW site, but your colours and the angle you took the photo from makes them look really nice. May have to rethink buying them...(damn you)...

  5. @DaveTaylor: Thanks! I'm planning on doing the gloss-coated black facemasks similar to how you did yours, inspirational stuff!

    @Xi: I appreciate it! I was joking with my buddy Dave that I'm going to have a nameplate on each marine's shoulder pad that says "Alpharius". :)

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Indeed - I'm a huge heresy-era fan, and am really looking forward to painting up some for FW goodies!

    @Zab: I agree with ya on the Cohort, I was on the fence until I saw Dave Taylor's unit, then I was doomed! Heh. I love the Alpha Legion you've done, actually have the post with all your recipes bookmarked for reference - love how the glazes and washes over the metal basecoat turned out! Hydra Dominatus!

  6. Congrats to zzzzzzzz!
    I'll bet he'll be made up with the dirt bike rough riders
    Can't wait to see the alpha legion, definitely a good choice of army!

  7. Woo Hoo ! I am a winner.

    Chuffed to bits. I'm off to placate the machine spirit in my personal cogitator and send you noospheric falicitations.

    (Damn ! Might have to start another army....)

  8. @Phil Morris: I'm definitely looking forward to diving in on 'em, Legion is in my top three favorite books in the HH series thus far!

    @Zzzzzz: Right on - glad that you're pleased and I hope they'll serve you well! Shoot me an email with your address when you get a moment and I'll pop 'em in the post!

  9. wow - hearty cograts to Zzzzz, and what a great opportunity for a new direction, eh?!