Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Iron Hands - Taking stock of the situation

Hey there folks! When I last checked the poll, the Iron Hands were surprisingly in the lead, so I spend some time pulling everything out and cataloging what all there was to work with. As of this writing, the Ad-Mech have pulled ahead so expect to see some Thallax Cohort soon (got them assembled and primered over the weekend)!

In the meantime though, it was a wall of black as I laid out 35 marines in preparation for a couple sessions of batch painting. Turns out that there were enough marines to come up with two tactical squads and a devastator squad, as well as a Land Raider and several characters. Coupled with the bike squad I'd painted up a while back, that's the seed of a pretty decent army. Of course we'll have to see if the codex invalidates any of the builds. Heh.

Started off with the very basic shaded dark grey/black, followed by picking out all the metal bits. Once that's done the whole model got a black wash. I'm planning on doing a fair bit of mud spatter and weathering on these guys, as their basic black armor and white weapon housing color scheme is otherwise going to end up looking pretty drab.

On the up side however, the heavy lifting is pretty much done at this point and it's all detailing from here! With the Ad-Mech and the Iron Hands more or less tied in the polls, expect to see me bounce back and forth between the two armies. It actually makes sense, as the Iron Hands have such close ties with the priests of Mars!


  1. These guys are going to be mean looking - great!

    Also a very impressive armyshot down below.

  2. A decent sized army with no assembly required! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  3. I am impressed by the contents in your closet of doom and that you are able to pull of army after army. I think you have painted more models in a year than I have since the 90th. Keep it up.

  4. @Manus: Thanks! There is a ton of bionics scattered through the models, it really gives them a brutal look...

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Indeed! The only prep work involved was a couple head and arm swap/reposition/repairs, then a hit of primer. Simple!

    @Agis: Aye, the Closet of Doom is just full of hobby stuff from decades of collecting. It's madness!

  5. Space Marines won??? You'll get through these in no time the way you paint. :)

  6. @Dai: At the time that I started painting' em, yeah - the Ad-Mech have a huge lead now, though. The Thallax Cohort will make an appearance on the blog very soon!