Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Iron Father painted

Thoroughly excited about the upcoming Horus Heresy: Massacre book from FW, and I'm happy to report that the army I had planned actually plays to the strengths of the upcoming rules. I'm notorious for jumping the gun and building models that end up being non-viable in the new codex!

While I'm told there is to be a Cataphractii-armoured Forge Father character released some time in the near future, I wanted to finally get around to painting a model that has been lurking on the painting shelf for nearly a decade - the old limited edition Iron Hands Forge Father!

I'm not totally sold on the power axe, it feels a little flat. I was worried that blue blades may be too overpowering, but this may be too understated. Much like the earlier models, I went with a blue spot color, with just a couple little touch of yellow bits here and there. There was plenty of pipes and cables to pick out!

In game, this will be the army's praetor, armed with a master-crafted bolt pistol, a paragon blade (S5 AP2, Instant Death on to-wound rolls of 6) and a servo-arm. rounded off with artificer armour, an iron halo and a cyber-familiar, giving him a 2+/3++ save. He'll be trundling along with 9 Gorgon Terminators in a Spartan. Should be a scary unit!

Got the first half of the army ordered (all of the infantry, and a pair of Land Raider Phobos) and just waiting final shipping confirmation. Really looking forward to getting stuck in on 'em!


  1. He looks very striking, I like the bold colour scheme but I'd agree that a blue axe might be a bit much, also it's always nice to see these rare old minis that were released during my decade long hobby hiatus.

  2. That's a great use of the iron hands bionics bits! Brilliant!

  3. @Phil Morris: Thanks! It was fun to finally get around to getting some paint on this guy!

    @Musings of a Smurf: Heh, I can't take credit for the build, it's actually as-is out of the blister. I do have another one that I'm rendering down for parts though!

  4. Another great addition to the army. I would love to see a batrep with this army

  5. Great looking figure. I have one of the same languishing in my Adeptus Mechanicus Bits box waiting to be painted.


  6. This is one of my favorite models and to my everlasting shame I sold the only one I ever owned. That being said I think he looks great, but a bolder axe would take him beyond great. Excellent work and I am excited to see more. Everytime I think I got out of the 30k bug you drag me back in!

  7. Man that's a really cool model

  8. @LuckGod: Very soon, I hope. Got a lot of painting ahead of me before they can hit the table though!

    @ColKillgore: Nice! I'm a big fan of the fig. It was a lot of fun to paint up!

    @TJ Atwell: Aye, I'm trying a couple other ideas on the axe to help it pop a bit more. I have the 30k bug bad at the moment, really looking forward to the nation-wide heresy gaming events we're trying to get set up - details to follow!

    @The Grim Darkness: Thanks man!