Monday, September 29, 2014

Post Heresy Thousand Sons - Rubric Marines painted

Not quite Heresy-related, but Thousand Sons nonetheless! I'd put together a unit of Rubric Marines using the russian kit ages ago and after getting the blue on 'em they've more or less just sat on the painting shelves gathering dust. Figured I'd pull 'em out and finish 'em up as a capstone on all the red-and-gold Thousand Sons I've done over the last several months!

I went with a shiny neon green in the eye sockets, and to represent their inferno bolts as a nice contrast color against the cooler blue tones. Their helmet crests got the standard yellow striping, which was carried through onto the flames on the Sorcerer's robes as well.

The rear shot shows off the rather cool chaos backpacks that come with the kit - they're a bit TOO chaos-y for use with their Heresy-era brethren, but I wanted to at least use 'em on one unit! I'm intrigued to see whether FW will put rules for them in the book, I would imagine not as the Rubric occurred well towards the end of the Heresy/beginning of the Scouring. But if they do, I'll be prepared!


  1. These look great! I can definitely see the green working just as well against the blue here as with the red sorcerers! Do you think they would work well in a kill team? AP3 right?

  2. Cool stuff Mord!

    I've got a squad of these built on the shelves of shame somewhere with the Terminator version lurking nearby - I've not seen them painted before though - you've done another cracking job - stark difference to the 30K versions.

    Love the flames on the hem - such an old school vibe.

  3. Always love to see your updates...they are so fast and rapid. Some sort of crazy painting wizard you are!

    (these are some of the best thousand sons I've seen)

  4. And just like that, a new unit of ten well painted minis just "appears" in the space it takes us lesser mortals to paint one figure.

    You sir, are a freak.

  5. @Matthew Beavis: Thanks! Aye, I like the idea of using them as a kill team, with the sorcerer going after some bit of arcane knowledge and his silent Rubric marines providing cover...

    @Frothing Muppet: Thanks very much mate!

    @Stephen: Hah! Cheers bud!

    @Greg Hess: I appreciate it! I will try to do a 'how I speed paint' post and go into the process at some point soon!

    @Dai: Haha! To be fair from start to finish they technically took about eight months. :)

    Cheers everyone!

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