Friday, October 24, 2014

Space Hulk - Genestealers painting in progress

Another long week of work and whatnot so it's been a little quiet on the hobby front. In the interim I've been asked to help out a buddy of mine by painting up a set of Space Hulk minis for him while he deals with some health problems. He's done the majority of the work on the Terminators which will just need some detail work, but the Genestealers were just at the assembly stage. Time to crank up the batch painting machine (again)!

Following the Tale of Painters tutorial to crank through 'em - got the blue and purple in place, just the little details to go now!

After doing some painting I got the urge to build something - With the recent release of the FW Solar Auxilia lasrifle sections, it appears that I needed to build a Vox and Vexilla model for each of the units of Spireguard. ...So I did! Still waiting for news on how the command squads will work, so for now I'm holding off on building any more Spireguard. Rumors suggest the next book should hit in the next month or two and then we'll find out!


  1. Yay! Space hulk! Love that game and the minis :) My new set will be dark angels vs the classic blue and purple stealers, but Pre or post heresy deathwing? My last set was soul drinkers vs kraken.

  2. Nice update! That's a lot of stealers. They look great!

  3. Command fellows will fit in nicely.

    Saying that, what's a "Vexilla" exactly? Sounds like an 80's icecream bar...

  4. @Zab: Nice! I'd go post-heresy bonewhite deathwing personally. They'll stand out against the board much nicer I'd imagine!

    @Greg Hess: Thanks! Been the first Tyranids I've painted in probably 15 years! :)

    @Dai: I appreciate it! Vexilla are the fancy high-gothic terminology they're using for 'Standards' in the heresy. Most of them thus far have been more 'symbols/icons on a pole on a marine backpack' but are also denoted as being flags or banners in the descriptive text which I thought more appropriate for the guard. Part of playing 30k is learning (bad) latin! :)

  5. Really great :) especially genestealers skin and base are well done (if you've not painted tyty since 15 years ^^)

    Yours IG conversions are superb, original, and charismatic ;)

  6. @Benjamin Brun: Thanks man - I appreciate the kind words!

  7. Nice and Purple! They look great, a perfect match for the game artwork.