Saturday, November 15, 2014

Heresy Era Mechanicum - Archmagos Prime build in progress

More early morning insomnia has troubled me over the last few days, but as I'd been doing a fair bit of painting I thought I'd reward myself with a little build time instead. I'd received a package o' joy from Forge World earlier in the week and after getting things soaked and scrubbed I started putting together the Archmagos:

In the rules, the Archmagos may have up to four Cyber-Occularis which may go haring off across the table and provide benefits/hindrances to units they're close to, so rather than have them attached to the Abeyant (and undoubtedly snap off) I instead based them separately. I also magnetized the weapon options that attach to the front (though I neglected to get the actual weapons in the picture).

I found his base doesn't fit quite right into the Abeyant, so I'll need to do a little sanding to get a good fit. I'm planning on busting out the Tentacle Maker and adding a few more trailing cables and grippy mechadendrites, and really make it tentacular. The command dias is chock full of cool little details, really looking forward to painting it!

The Archmagos model itself is rather cool, though I took some liberties with the build. Wasn't a huge fan of the mechadendrite dreadlocks so I left them off, and in the build process I managed to accidentally flick his lower left hand off somewhere into the hobby room never to be seen again. So, he got a clamp hand instead. Doh!


  1. Nice idea with the Cyber-Occularis.

    Fiddly bits like hands are always a risk, I lost a FW Plaguebearer hand down the plug hole while scrubbing the resin.

  2. I agree with Rictus, brilliant idea with the Cyber Occularis. I might have to copy that idea when I put mine together!

  3. Bonus points for this one: "tentacular" I know what it says, but what my mind read made me choke on my tea :P

  4. @Rictus: Thanks! They still need a bit more hot-water bending but I'm pretty happy with 'em so far!

    @Damn The Valley: Thanks man!

    @Zab: Haha!

    Cheers, everyone!

  5. Very cool. Shame about the hand though.... :(

    If you want more small pieces to lose, try cleaning up Kingdom Death minis..... >_<

  6. I love the different tendril positions for a crawling pose, very nice!