Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Heresy Era Mechanicum - Magos Dominus Hecaton rebuild

While waiting for the bits to arrive to make the Ursarax, my eye fell upon an old model that I thought I'd try to breathe a little life into. As I'm not a huge fan of the FW Magos Dominus model I wanted to come up with something a little different - in the old Tempus Fugitives list there was a unit called the "Telepathica Emancipator" which was essentially a captured psyker stuffed into a nutrient tank and forced to serve the mechanicum. As the cyber-theurgy rules are a bit psyker-esque I thought the model could once again find use on the table as a Magos Dominus instead - albeit with a bit of a re-build:

I wanted to keep him cheap yet as survivable as possible, so an Abeyant and Machinator Array are pretty much required while a cyber-familiar bolsters the save to a 3+/3++. Other than that I figured I'd lay off the extra add-ons so if (when) he does get popped due to his non-independent-character status, it's not a massive point sink. In other news, I'm apparently not going to be getting much primering done any time soon - here's a timelapse picture I found looking out over CU Boulder on Monday:

When I left for work at 530am, it was 67F, by the time I stopped home for lunch, it was 17F. As of the time of this post, it is currently 1 goddam degree outside (or for our friends across the pond, negative 17 bloody degrees). ...and It'll be blue skies an in the 50's on Friday. Gotta love the weather in Colorado!


  1. That is so classic sci-fi that it made me smile. Also, we had snow on Halloween here in Toronto. Yesterday was 14 and now it back down to -4 with the wind. I feel your pain, but I want the hills open :)

  2. We have a saying here in England that seems apt,

    "If you don't like the weather... just give it a minute"

  3. Danger Will Robinson!

    Or at least, that's the vibe I get from this model. Which is frikken retro-cool to me. :)

    Yeah, about that weather, if it looks like you are done with snow/rain, send it our way (NorCal), this dry crap is driving me nuts.

  4. @Zab: Thanks man! I'm a winter-loving soul, so I'm happy about the change in weather overall, just wasn't quite expecting such a quick shift!

    @Riot ville: Hah! Too true!

    @Dai: Absolutely! I found myself saying exactly that when I was fitting the mechadendrites!

  5. Looks like something from doctor who. Very cool :)
    Btw you live in a very beautiful part of the world. Nice pics

  6. My heater took a dump and it is too bloody cold to paint in my apartment right now. We're expecting snow here in northern Utah tomorrow.

  7. Fantastic stuff mate, I have been working my way slowly through your blog for ages and it seems about time I pitched in, I'm a terrible lurker.

    I must say the amount of stuff you have and painted so well is really inspiring, I'm especially fond of your Imperial Guard and Ad Mech.

    Keep up the great work.

    Cheers, Cuthbo

  8. @Nafnaf: Hah! It does have a touch of the Dalek to it. Cheers!

    @CJ Kilbride: I hear ya - it's pretty chilly in the hobby room here as well!

    @Angus Cuthbertson: I really appreciate the kind works, man! Cheers!