Monday, November 10, 2014

Space Hulk Terminators Painted

The other half of the project I'd been working on recently is now complete! As I'd mentioned in the earlier post, I'd been asked to finish off a set of Space Hulk minis for my buddy Dave who has been having some medically challenging times of late. I was happy to do what I could to help him out, and working on these models was a refreshing change of pace from the relentless onslaught of Heresy models of late.

These mark the first and only Blood Angels marines I've ever painted. Dave had gotten the base reds in place and had started blocking in the details when he fell ill, so so for the most part it was just a matter of finishing off all the myriad details, weapons and bases. Was interesting to note how our painting techniques differ, but I think the melange of the two worked out pretty well.


Couple closer-up shots of the models. Much like the Genestealers, they're chock full of personality, but the press-fit nature of the models means there are some odd blocks of undetailed  plastic here and there that I tried to downplay as much as possible. Overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

Of course, I couldn't overlook the most important part of the set, the door holders. Heh. It occurs to me that I neglegted to take pictures of the objective marker minis - the chalice, C.A.T. and dead captain in the throne. Unfortunately the minis are all packed and the box is winging its way to Illinois. Rats!

Now back to our regularly scheduled doses of Heresy madness - Next up on the painting table are 30 Tech-thralls for my burgeoning Mechanicus force. Batch painting ahoy!


  1. Great work as always. Those are some nicely done models, and even better since they are going to a friend!

  2. Nice job. The librarian looks especially cool! Liking the contrast of the green axe and blue armour.

  3. Boycott.....? What on earth...?

    Regardless, wonderful work mate. As always, impressed with your output. Wish the sculpts weren't Blood Angels though.

  4. @Greg Hess: Thanks man - it was a fun but bittersweet project.

    @Phil Morris: Cheers! Definitely stands out against all the red of the rest of 'em!

    @Dai: Yeah, some spambot got through the fences. It's been summarily executed, though! I quite liked the sculpts, but have to say I agree with ya. :)

  5. Awesome. Makes me wish I hadn't pulled mine to bits for other projects :(

  6. Amazing work as always my friend, and yet another example of your character as well.

    Though even in a normal 40k post, you still had to drop the 30k in somehow, didn't you?? :P ;) Darn you and your temptations!

  7. @Monkeychucka: Thanks man! They are great for use in 40k, for sure!

    @Miniature Tim: Cheers bud! Join us and give in to the siren call of heresy gaming... :D