Thursday, November 20, 2014

Heresy Era Mechanicum - Ursarax build continues...

Two packages showed up in the mail recently, the puppetswar shredder arms that I'd intended to use to represent the Ursarax lightning claws, and the centurion power fists that I'd ordered when I got tired of waiting for the puppetswar order to actually ship. Turns out they're both similar in scale, but are stylistically different enough that they wouldn't really mix and match well, so it was decision time.

The Puppetswar arms are nice, but the fists are just a better choice once everything is taken into consideration. While the lightning claws are the perfectly serviceable and cheaper option points-wise, the power fist upgrade boosts the unit's strength up to 10 and reduces the AP down to 2 making them excellent tank-hunters as well as infantry squashers, but they do strike last (granted their base Initiative of 2 means it's not really a huge downgrade). On the upside, the Ursarax' 3 wounds and T5 mean they'll be able to weather a fair bit of punishment before bringing the pain - a 27-wound unit of jump infantry potentially throwing 36 S10 AP2 hits around is nothing to sneeze at!

Sadly winter seems to be upon us so getting them based and primered is going to take a little while. Still, it's Colorado so it'll be warm and sunny soon enough! Again, all credit for the conversion idea lies with Eye of Error's fevered brain - though I'll admit cursing his name while scraping off all the aquilas and marine heraldry from the Centurion fists! Hah!


  1. Hahaha, they are coming along so well.. But yes i forgot to warn you about all the plastic scraping ;)

  2. I love the fists on these they just look fantastic! HULK ROBOT SMASH!

  3. Enormous fists.... Love the idea though. Just hope they can get where you want/need them in time before they get shot up?

  4. Those fists work really well. They look awesome. I feel your pain on the scraping though. Man that must have took ages

  5. @The Eye of Error: Thanks for the build tips man! I'm going with guitar-wire cables I think - Been trying to figure out the trim-and-fit using the plastic cables that came with the fists, but the posing is just too disparate.

    @Greg Hess: Hah! They are definitely Rock'em Sock'em robots!

    @Dai: Aye, they give 'em a bit of a bestial stance, a bit more apelike than ursine though. They're jump infantry so hopefully they can close in short order, and not get shot up too bad on the way in.

    @Nafnaf: Thanks man! Spent a good three hours trimming and scraping down the fists, wouldn't relish doing it again that's for sure!

    Cheers everyone!