Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Heresy Era Alpha Legion - Headhunters and Efrit Stealth Squad built

The flurry of building continues apace, and I've managed to finish building all of the Alpha Legion allies to accompany the Geno Five-Two. First up, the Efrit Stealth Squad:

Pretty much your bog-standard recon marines, with an Alpha Legion upgrade head for the sergeant. Nothing to write home about and not necessarily the best choice on an effectiveness-to-points ratio, but rather fluffy to have, as the unit is explicitly mentioned in the book!

Next up are the Headhunters, the second of the Alpha Legion's special units (alongside the Lernaeans). With banestrike rounds and Preferred Enemy (Infantry), they're really designed to gun down their fellow marines, and they can take a heavy bolter with a suspenson web for a little extra dakka. Wanted to bling them up a bit more than the basic marines, so they all got the Alpha Legion upgrade heads, and I added a scope to each of the bolters to help 'em stand out as having some specialist equipment.

Last but not least, I banged together the two characters from the box set. The terminator will be used to represent Sheed Ranko, the ostensible leader of the force. No real plans to field the chaplain at the moment, and I'm thinking I may clip the crozius off of him and replace it with some alternate weapon - perhaps another pistol and make him into a Moritat, or a paragon blade for use as a power-armoured Praetor.

It was nice enough out yesterday to get some models primered, so with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend I'm hoping to get some paint on some of 'em!


  1. I really like the new plastics. I was slightly disappointed to see you went full stock options on the characters. No conversions?

    Sad face...

    That said, I am not sure what I want to do with the terminator character. The weapon combo just feels not quite right for me.

  2. Well done adding some flavour to them and I am glad you kept the recon marines, despite the points difference.

    I am going to live through other people buying BaC and pretend it was me,

  3. Where are the scopes on the HeadHunters from?

  4. @Anurien: There's still two more sprues of 'em to hack into, wanted to build two as-is to get a feel for how they go together (and subsequently where/how to hack 'em up). Hah!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks man! I'm definitely impressed with the box set. I'll likely never play the game that comes in it, but the minis are a fantastic way to start a heresy force!

    @Alpha Omega: They're binoculars from the cadian imperial guard heavy weapons sprues, cut in half. Never throw any bits away, never know what they might be useful for! ;)

    Cheers, everyone!

  5. This is such awesome work mate! I have my copy of Betrayal at Calth on it's way, and have been trying to decide what to do with it. I've thought about Alpha Legion many times, but seeing your Geno Five-Two has probably sold me! I may have to steal your coversion ideas... :)

  6. @Cail Griffiths: Thanks very much! Pretty simple conversions overall, it's 95% Victoria Lamb minis - cannot recommend them enough, awesome to work with!