Monday, November 23, 2015

Heresy Era Alpha Legion - Lernaean Terminator squad built

Really enjoying building the models from the Betrayal at Calth box set. While the power armoured marines were a treat, the real star of the set for me has got to be the plastic Cataphractii. I'd planned on using them to whip up a unit of Lernaean terminators, so with a quick order to FW for the Volkite chargers and a bit of work with an x-acto knife we're good to go!

The set comes with tons of weapon options, but following the lacklustre performance of my last Thousand Sons terminators armed with power weapons, I knew from the outset that this unit would have plenty of power fists and chainfists (hands down my favorite melee weapon in the 40k universe). After this are some Headhunters and a scout squad left to build, but I realized I didn't order enough bases - gotta wait for the next package from Secret Weapon to arrive. Curses!


  1. Loving it! Great models and your weapon swaps make em look even cooler :)

  2. You Sir, are a machine... great stuff but such a pace, bet you've already painted these! btw, your Ad Mech stuff performed okay at BW-X, everyone was afraid of the big bad robots ;) need me some more of those :) but with more dakka. Ha Ha

  3. @davetayor: You know it, man!

    @NafNaf: Thanks! Aye, quite pleased with how they look with the Volkite swaps!

    @Siph_Horridus: Hah! I wish, it's been super cold out so no ability to primer any of the models. Boo! Glad to head the Ad-Mech served you well!

    Cheers, everyone!

  4. Wow, those do look really nice.

    And yes, Fists of Fury are definately the way to go with Terminators. :)

  5. @Dai: Thanks very much man - Aye, I was sorely disappointed with the cheap-as-chips power axe terminators from the last go at the KSons. These should prove much more satisfying to field!