Sunday, November 22, 2015

Heresy Era Alpha Legion - Tactical Squad built

All work and no play makes Mord a dull boy, and it's been plenty dull of late. On the up side, there was a box o' joy which arrived Friday evening and I finally got my hands on the new Betrayal at Calth box set. Others have and will do more in-depth critiques and content listings, but suffice it to say that I'm overjoyed with the miniatures, and immediately got stuck in with the cornerstone of any self-respecting Heresy army and put together a 20-man Tactical Squad.

The Alpha Legion upgrade kits I'd picked up from FW worked a treat, and in order to keep the majority of the models fairly 'vanilla' (which I think suits the Alpha's modus operandi) only the sergeants really got blinged out. Thus, the Sergeant is easily shown to be wearing artificer armour with the fancy torso and helmet to accompany the Alpha Legion shoulder pads the rest of the battle brothers wear. So far so good, and I have to say that for basic rank-and-file troopers these plastics are absolutely perfect for the job! Definitely planning to pick up another couple boxes after the holidays and get the Thousand Sons going again...

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Stateside readers! For the rest, I hope you will have a pleasant Thursday this week regardless. Cheers, everyone!


  1. Nice start. being a fan of the fluff I can say that not even the sergeants stand out. Hell, Alphariurs and Omegon barely ever wear more than line armour o_O Being a fan of minis, that's a nice squad :)

  2. Nice dude. That calth boxset is perfect for any fledgling force to start with

  3. Looks great! I particularly like the upgraded artificer armour on the sergeant to pick him out from the rest.

  4. I'm surprised that GW didn't make these new marines pushfit. Seeing you add those resin parts is super cool.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'll be fooling with my Calth boxed set, too. Maybe they'll join my Ultramarines, maybe they'll be Death Guard and join my Mortarion conversion.

  6. @Zab: Indeed - needed something to warrant the Artificer Armour upgrade visually however. Been thinking about writing "Alpharius" on the rim of each marine in the army though! Heh.

    @NafNaf: Absolutely! I've always thought the expense of semi-mandatory 20-man tac squads made a full FW heresy army ruiniously expensive. This definitely addresses that issue!

    @jabberjabber: Thanks very much!

    @Dai: I was definitely worried that they'd 'dumb down' the models, but to be honest I'm overjoyed with what comes in the box. The only letdown is the Contemptor (to a certain extent), it definitely feels underdone compared to everything else in the box!

    @#2501: You too, man - really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Cheers, everyone!