Saturday, November 28, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Army - Geno Five-Two infantry squad painting begins!

Could it be? After what seems like ages, I've finally had a couple hours to put paint to miniature again. Huzzah! Not a particularly exciting bit of progress to show, but progress nonetheless:

The dark grey/black uniform with the yellow capes which turns out to be pretty striking, but until the rest of the detail gets picked out (belts, boots, glareshields, etc) they look a little drab at the moment. The red of the bases should set off nicely against the yellow capes to give the models a bit more pop, and the color wheel suggests that they ought to get a little blue spot color somewhere as well. Easy enough on the bashaws and their power swords, so I'm leaning towards making the glareshields blue as well, should help draw the eye.

So far so good, hoping to get another couple hours in over the weekend!


  1. Koolio, if you wanted a little variation, you could do your usual blues as most of the spot colours and veer towards turquoise/aquamarine/green on the glare sheilds. Perhaps.

    Just thought that might/could reflect your Alpha Legion colour.

  2. They look like a nice distraction. Both for painting and so the legion in teal can go where they feel, unmolested ;)

  3. Woot - have been waiting to see your progress on these.

  4. @Zzzzzz: Good call!

    @Haha! Knowing my luck with reserve rolls, the Alphas won't even bother showing up until it's too late (just like in the book)!

    @Dai: Cheers bud!