Monday, November 2, 2015

Heresy Era Imperial Army - Geno Five-Two Fire Support Squad begins

Sadly Real Life(tm) continues to eat up the majority of my time recently, but I did get a big box o' joy from Victoria Lamb Miniatures on Friday which was a nice way to end an otherwise rather irritating week! The box included the remaining legs and torsos for the Geno Five-Two infantry squads, a bunch of arms and weapons (that will be going into the spares bucket now that I have the integrated arms/weapon sprues on the way), as well as all the bits to make up the heavy weapons for the Fire Support Squads. I was really impressed with the kits, super crisp castings and the ones I've built thus far have gone together like a dream!

I did manage to squeeze in enough hobby time over the weekend to get the bits washed and dried, and put together the first five of the heavy weapon carriages. When all is said and done there will be five autocannons and five lascannons, which should give the army a little extra punch. I'm considering how I want to do the crew - considering putting one member on the 60mm base with the gun, and putting the second man on a separate base to facilitate wound tracking, or possibly just having both members be separate - I'm finding the carriage takes up a surprising amount of room on the base and I'm afraid packing both crewmen on will make them too busy (not to mention rather hard to paint).


  1. Those look nice. I think your planning of having one crew member on and one off would work very well for wound tracking.

    Have you the whole army planned out?

  2. Remeber that if you choose planetary overlord for your commander you can get AP3 autocannons/AP1 lascannons since you can choose his warlord trait ideal for marine killing

  3. Put magnets in the feet of the gun crews and glue washers under the 60mm bases. Enough room for the men without having to mess about too much.

  4. What Zzzzz said. That's a heck of a nice battery of cannons.

  5. Lovely carriages you got here.
    Maybe of of the topic but how you had painted your Macharius Omega? You glued and painted it or you left it in separate parts for painting?

  6. @Rory Priest: Aye, that's what I'm leaning towards. The army is more or less set at this point, haven't finalized the heavy support slots yet but there's bound to be at least a Leman Russ variant or two!

    @Francecs: Interesting! Hadn't thought of that. Hard to justify Peto Soneka with that sort of rule, but just means I ought to make a model for Lord Commander Namatjira! :)

    @Zzzzzz: That is an excellent idea, man - I'm afraid the footprint on the VL legs is rather delicate, but it's worth a try on a test model for sure!

    @Dai: Cheers man!

    @Jakub Furlanetto: Thanks! The Omega was painted in pieces, I'd left the gun and upper shield plates separate from the main body of the tank, so it was basically three pieces.

    Thanks everyone!