Tuesday, May 31, 2016

40k Harlequins - Tricolor shenanigans!

Managed to get some more brush time in yesterday, and started blocking in the green and purple sections on the Troupe and Starweaver. Starting to come together nicely now!

Still need to brighten up the purple a bit, but I'm pretty happy with the contrast between the green and yellow. Once the base colors are laid in, the next step will be to go back in and add stripes, checks and polka dots for full clownishness!

Rather happy with how the Starweaver is coming along as well, it's a rather cool model with the riders hanging on. That all said, this paint scheme is surprisingly slow compared to my usual batch painting cadence. Probably taken as long to get this far on these models as it had to bring all the recent Orks to completion!


  1. I was thinking, "Wow, even faster than normal !" then I remembered how many there were(n't). Still faster than everyone else, though. Even with your mad weather.

  2. Red noses, don't forget the red noses too.

  3. Liking the colour choice.

    How about some tiger stripes rather than just stripes?

  4. Cool side-project. I can't think of many armies where you can go crazy on the color scheme like this. Looks like fun!

  5. Finally catching up on blogs here and of course there are three from you showing a speed of painting that would make people blush.

    This is coming together nicely chief. Liking the colour scheme.

  6. I aboslutly adore the green!
    oooh, the urge of starting a new harlequin army when seeing your work is hard to resist!
    Keep it up!!


  7. Interesting. I'm getting a real EVA vibe....

  8. @Zzzzzz: Hah! Indeed, for only being essentially 9 models this is definitely a time-consuming paint scheme. Oof!

    @Dai: I may have to do just that! Was planning on white masks on all of them, perhaps the red nose might just work!

    @Rictus: That's a cool idea, and theoretically easier to accomplish with my fists of ham. :)

    @Eater of Small THings: For sure! Definitely a departure for the Thousand Sons color palette!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks very much, man!

    @Tobias: I appreciate it! It's been a fun project so far!

    @#2501: Haha! They're definitely going that direction!

    Cheers, everyone!

  9. I like the colors. Nice and colorful without being garish. Looking forward to your diamonds on them.