Monday, May 30, 2016

40k Harlequins - Choosing a color scheme

Got some decent hobby time in last night after it had cooled off a bit and started off by putting together the Starweaver transport for the troupe - First time assembling this kit and it was a bit of a fraught affair! I think I got the measure of it though, so the upcoming Voidweaver should go together a bit easier. Hoping to keep the painting simple I left the two passengers separate, but getting them posed properly was certainly a struggle!

On the last go around with the killer clowns I'd gone for the full chromatic assault on the senses, which was fun but exhausting both to paint and to look at afterwards - it was almost TOO busy. This time I thought I'd be a little more restrained and pick 3-4 colors - Garish though they may be! Decided to go with Mardi Gras-esque colors for the initial Troupe and Starweaver, and started laying in the yellow on various areas, and trying to envision where the subsequent purples and greens will go.

Falling back on the recipe that I'd used on the Imperial Fists which is a bit more of a mustard yellow than the canary brightness of the recent Orks. Depending on how it ends up contrasting with the upcoming purple and green, that gives me some room to brighten up the yellow if needed.

For the Starweaver, I'm intending to to half yellow, and half green-and-purple diamonds. Should look neat I hope, but to start it was just a matter of laying down some painter's tape to get a nice crisp line. The passengers are just sitting in place for the photo, really happy with how it's coming along!


  1. Diggin' these colors, looking forward to seeing them done. At your rate, they'll be finished in about 10 minutes!

  2. Looking forward to seeing this one progress. Harlequin armies are always a joy to look at!

  3. As allies you're better off with eldar, they have plenty of D strength, and if you pair wratihguards with someone with invisibility the cheese is sure to flow.

  4. Epically fast and well executed start. How apposite.

  5. That looks awesome already. now throw in some fluro pink and blam! - 80's chiche :)

  6. @Jugger: Thanks man! It's actually been slow going!

    @#2501: I appreciate it - plenty more to come!

    @Francesc: Aye, I'm still torn. I think the Eldar would be most effective, but I do fancy some Dark Eldar too...

    @Zzzzzz: Thanks very much!

    @Zab: Hah! I'm not sure whether all the Harlies will have the Mardi Gras theme, or if each unit will have its own scheme. We'll see!

    Thanks very much for the kind words, everyone!

  7. Glad you're going with diamonds. Wouldn't be right without them.

  8. If I tell you that the eldar warp hunter pumps out d3+1 D shots each turn for under 200pts I think that you'll be quickly decided ;) I mean it can even jink while nuking knights and land riders for far less points. Rules ar e in the myneara book