Friday, May 6, 2016

NOCF 2016 Charity Ork Army - What big Teef you have...

...Da better ta bite yer wif!

In the process of refinancing my house so it's been frantic home repair for the last several days to take care of some cosmetic stuff prior to the appraiser making his rounds. That being the case, not as much painting time as I would have liked - just one color a day for the last two days, but it was a fun couple sessions.

Painted in the teeth with a basecoat of Vallejo Earth, followed by a pass of Bone White. They'll get a final highlight of Ghost Grey in the next step to give 'em a bit more pop, but I have to say that getting the teeth painted in really snaps the models into focus. ...Metaphorically speaking that is, my actual camera skills are as questionable as ever!

In recent NOCF news, Zab over at Almost Perftec got cracking on with several of the individual models that will be up for auction. Definitely worth checking out! In addition, the raffle for the two beautiful Dark Age armies painted by Dave Taylor are ending this coming Sunday!

I have a reasonably open schedule on Saturday so I'm hoping to get at least four more colors on to make up for lost time. 'Ere we go, as they say!


  1. Wait till you dot the eyes red! They really become quite menacing!

  2. keep at it! You are a machine.

  3. Looking great mate. I always find doing the teeth and claws has that great effect of making you see the mini inside the mini that up until that point has been large swatches of green!

    Cracking good stuff as always.

  4. You are right the teeth really gives a focus to the faces and make em pop. Looking good :)

  5. Nice stuff man. Really coming together.

  6. Teef is teef. White is too bright tho. Jus' my impreshun.

  7. @Greg Hess: Indeed! Definitely helps - pics to follow!

    @Zab: Thanks man!

    @Frothing Muppet: Absolutely! Cheers!

    @Bronislaw Czevak: Thanks! Mork and Gork insist I continue! :)

    @NafNaf: Thanks very much!

    @Rory Priest: I appreciate it - it's been a fun project so far!

    @Dai: Aye, been holding off on the full white for now, might just do the very tips of a couple of the truly large fangs and leave the rest be.

    Cheers, everyone!