Saturday, May 7, 2016

NOCF 2016 Charity Ork Army - Old Yeller...

Got a fair bit of brush time in this morning, and after getting the eyes in I got cracking on with the next set of colors for the Boyz!

Started off by basecoating any area intended to be yellow with Vallejo Beast Brown, which covers fairly well over the black and provides the subsequent yellow a bit more of a warm tone. I decided that I'd do up half of the models with black trousers and yellow shirts, while the other half would have yellow trousers and black shirts which will help distinguish the two mobs as well as keep me from going mental painting 40 of the exact same pattern 40 times!

Next up to bring the color up a bit the brown got a further pass with Vallejo Scrofulous Brown, which is a nice ochre color and shines nicely under the following step.

The last step of the session was the additional highlight of Vallejo Medium Yellow. This is one of the Model Air range of paints and is extremely translucent, it's almost more of a glaze consistency when applied with a regular brush. The shoddy pic-in-progress shot blows out a lot of the highlight it seems. Next up is cleaning up all the areas that will be black, then on to all the leather colors. They're starting to look like proper Bad Moons now!


  1. I tend to paint batches of 5 - 10 models. I'm in awe of your pace on 40 at once. I wouldn't get through one colour on 40 models in one sitting.

  2. holy crap. you win the internetz and the nocf O_O

  3. Impressive output! I fall behind a day or two and bam! you have half an Ork army finished :-) The yellow is looking great on them

  4. That yellow is lovely and vibrant. Like it very much.

  5. @Edward: Hah! Audiobooks are my main secret - helps keep my mind off the slog.

    @Zab: I dunno about that, I'm just hoping I don't make a hash of it compared to some of the awesome painters that are involved! :)

    @Zzzzzz: It's been such a fun change of pace I'm finding I'm looking forward to the sessions!

    @Joe B: Thanks very much, man!

    @Dai: I appreciate it! It's definitely been interesting painting using someone else's recipes!

    Cheers, everyone!

  6. Good lord I wish I could paint hordes at the speed you do!

    God speed you talented charitable bas**d :)

  7. I haven't even finished cleaning the mould lines off the many mould lines across faces and arms...

  8. @Rob Hill: Haha! Thanks man!

    @Greg Hess: Aye - there was a ton of scraping and filing on Da Boyz as well. Oof!