Sunday, March 21, 2010

Knight Paladin 'Vultus Mors' - Complete!

It's been insanely busy in Real Life(tm) recently so I've unfortunately not had much hobby time. However, as a little breather from the Crimson Fists, I did find the time to finish up the Knight Paladin and the pilot model that I'd picked up subsequently. Just some minor weathering on the base and a final shot of the matte sealer to knock down some of the shine and Vultus Mors is ready for the battlefield!

I definitely enjoyed painting up this model, and I look forward to attacking the Knight Errant model that arrived a month or so back - it went into the Closet of Doom as a reward for finishing off the Crimson Fists, so it will likely be a while before I get to build it.

While I like the predominantly red scheme on the Paladin and feel that it will tie in to the rest of the Ad-Mech army, I'm not sure that I want to do the same paint scheme on the Knight Errant - I'm leaning towards something entirely different, perhaps predominantly blue and white. Of course, with all the Crimson Fists I've been doing I may have gone off blue by the time I get to it!

I tried to paint the pilot in such a way that it ties in with the Knight - though I found that the shoulder pauldron is so small there's no way I could replicate the rampant lion, and the little squiggle of white I'd initially tried as an approximation actually looked worse than just the plain green section. Ah well...

Part of the fun of modeling in my opinion is using everyday objects for the hobby. In my other life I play the bass guitar and a couple practices ago one of my strings gave way so I replaced the whole set. I think it's a safe bet to say that future projects will not want for wire tubing!


  1. That is a real nice looking model!

    I'd really like to see it next to another vehicle of some sort!

  2. Really stunning work. Well done.

  3. Thanks very much folks! It was interesting painting something this big, that's for certain.

    @zorcon - I'll try to get an army shot of the Ad-Mech to show the scale. It stands a bit over 8" tall.

  4. I was extremely envious of this knight when you first posted pics of it. I still am...

    Great work!

  5. Thanks, Drax!

    @Col. Hessler - it's definitely going to be the centerpiece of the Ad-Mech army, but I'll be the first to admit it was a questionable financial decision. Heh.