Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The last of the Crimson Fists - Part 3

It's hard to call them Crimson Fists until their fists are actually crimson, and as such I pressed onwards last night and managed to get a bit of red on them.There was a bit more armor highlighting as well, followed by an Asurmen Blue wash that didn't quite tone down the highlights as much as I'd hoped (though my current plan involves a further wash step at the very end that I hope will rectify that situation). The red fists were done by a base of Scab Red, some Blood Red highlights then a wash of Red Ink. I then went over all the weapons, chest detail and arm/leg joints in Boltgun Metal before snapping a quick picture and calling it a night.


I've been considering what I wanted to do with the weapon casings (as I'm not a fan of the black casings displayed in the current SM codex) and a friend suggested that I go with a green/olive-drab color. I tried that on the one test model I'd done a while back (left column, 4th row) and I like the way it looks - a little splash of color to set of the blue and red without being too garish. I also hit that model with a wash of Devlan Mud which cut the highlights down a bit more and added some depth to the metal-painted sections. Once I get the rest of the models completed to a similar point they'll all be getting a Mud wash as well prior to the waterslide transfers...

I'd say the models are about halfway done at this point and I'm rather pleased with their progress overall. I'm not going to get any painting time in for the next few days though, but expect to see further updates this weekend. I did manage to put together a 5-man Devastator squad out of bits I had lurking in the Closet of Doom, so I need to bring them up to speed. Once all the infantry is done I can concentrate on cranking out the Razorback, Dreadnought and Drop Pod!


  1. The fist are looking real good!

  2. damn, that was a lot of work. Congrats on finishing all those guys!
    Looking really nice with the light blue highlights.
    santa cruz warhammer

  3. Well done! I like the highlighting of the edges of their armour - it must have been painstaking and taken ages. They look great!

  4. Thanks folks, I appreciate the kind words! I suppose I am my own harshest critic, but I'm still not too happy with the highlights. At arm's length they're passable, but on close inspection I think they look pretty sloppy which is a side effect of the assembly-line method I suppose - I'm hoping a last Devlan Mud wash (or maybe another pass with the Asurmen Blue) will take some of the harshness out. Then again, these are the first marines I've painted in well over two years, so I guess being a bit rusty is to be expected! In any case, I'm striving to make them look good, and I appreciate the encouragement.