Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The last of the Crimson Fists - Part 6

We're in the midst of the typical Colorado springtime (i.e. 12" of snow one day and mid 60's the next), so I took advantage of one of the nice days to flock seal a mess of Crimson Fists and call 'em done.

I made the executive decision that any waterslide transfers I do are going to end up making the model look worse than leaving them off, so other than the leader and character figs I've done so far, there are no more shoulder pads getting the treatment.

I had a chance to field the army this past weekend, and they fared rather well against my friend's BA, and I was able to fight him to a draw.

Unfortunately the Assault Squad failed several reserve rolls, then had two deepstrike mishaps in a row resulting in them never actually making it to the battle. Ah well.

The Scouts were probably the most fun to paint, too bad they were washed off the table by a squad of Death Company. I suppose in a battle between DC and Scouts, the outcome is fairly certain...

With that the painting chart is finally more green than not, which is always heartening to see!


  1. Looking good! Is the painting chart working for you to keep you motivated to finish the army?

  2. Thanks folks!

    @Commissar Harris - Indeed, I've made one up for each of the armies I'm working on, and it's really helped me stay on task as well as visualize what I have left to work on.

  3. I'm coming late to the party here, just have to say that I'm looking to start up CFs after I'm done with Wolves, and this series of posts are great inspiration - looking amazing!

  4. Go Crimson Fists! They look good too! I find it funny that you have the same kind of chore chart that I have -- well, YOU have a very nice color-coded chart, I have a typed list with hand drawn blocks to check off. But I am doing the same for my own CFs: finally made a list and spelled out "This is my Fist force and they need painting." If my chart was as nice as yours maybe more would be done...