Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sanguinius - Primarch of the Blood Angels

A while back I had the opportunity to pick up a couple Primarch models - Magnus the Red would eventually lead the Heresy-Era Thousand Sons I'm slowly collecting bits for, the Leman Russ was handed off to the Space Wolf player in our group (who also painted the Deathwatch marine in the picture), and I'd picked up a Sanguinius for a friend who played Blood Angels. However, between when I'd placed the order and when I actually received it he decided to abandon the Blood Angels which meant ol' Sanguinius was suddenly superfluous. That being the case I figured I'd just paint it myself!

Unfortunately, there are a couple things about it that I absolutely don't like, now that I've had a chance to ponder the model. Most importantly is the fact that he ended up looking a little cross-eyed. I'll be rectifying that soon! Secondly, I was aiming for a marble-esque look on the base, but I more or less failed completely and it will be getting redone using an interesting tutorial I found here. I think the greenish marble effect shown on that tutorial will probably make the rest of the model 'pop' better than the quasi sandstone that I'd originally done. Finally, I think his hair needs to be a little more blond than it turned out here. Luckily it's been so cold and snowy of late that the model has yet to be sealed, so touching up the paint job should be relatively painless!


  1. I think he's looks a bit like Rutger Hauer, which makes him creepy since I've actually seen the movie Split Second

  2. Hah - He kind of does! Haven't seen Split Second, I'll have to see if I can find it...

  3. Very nice work...and I see what you mean about the eyes. Always a tough spot to paint for me.

    Did you use metallics for his armor? I'm curious cause I'm (eventually) going to be doing my sanguinary guard and I'm absorbing every hint I can find re: painting that armor!

  4. Thanks! I'm in the same boat - eyes are difficult for me to get right.

    The armor is Burnished Gold, followed by a light wash of Ogryn Flesh. Once that dried, I gave it a light drybrush of Burnished Gold again, then hit some of the upper edges with Shining Gold.