Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heresy-Era Thousand Sons - Seraphis, Librarian Dreadnought Part 1

On today's episode of "what the hell man, ANOTHER project?" we take a look at one of the models I've been working on for the planned Heresy-Era Thousand Sons army. I had been going back and forth on what codex I wanted to use and finally decided that the Tempus Fugitives Horus Heresy codex would be what I'd use. Since I only play games with friends I'm not super concerned about making something 100% tournament legal - fluff at all costs, that's me!

One of the units in the TF list is Seraphis, a Librarian Dreadnought armed with a Force Halberd and a Plasma Cannon (as well as a couple psychic powers). With the release of the new Furioso dreadnought kit, I knew that I wanted to utilize the new force halberd, but I wasn't completely sold on the pneumatic-ram arm they provide. Instead I decided on mixing-and-matching bits from the Venerable Dreadnought kit and the new Furioso kit, plus some odds and ends in my bits boxes. I decided that the model would be holding the halberd with the fist provided in the Venerable kit, and was pleased to note that it fit in the hand without any need for cutting or drilling!

I knew I wanted to add a large tabard/loincloth to the model to tie it in with the rest of the Thousand Sons and make it a bit more ornate, and rooting around in the bits boxes provided a pair of metal coat-tails from an old Inquisitor-scale model that seemed to be made for the job. Never throw any unused bit away - you never know when it may come in handy!

I decided to use the 'Anubis/Jackal' head from a set of alternate Thousand Sons models I picked up on eBay, and went with the exposed torso on the sarcophagus. I initially planned on using the Librarian sarcophagus from the Furioso kit, but decided that it just had too much Blood Angel iconography that would require scraping, and the alternate head wouldn't have fit. I still have a bit more decoration to add, as well as the storm bolter that attaches under the power fist, but it's more or less ready to go. Too bad it's been 10-20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit for the last week - not a lot of primering going on recently!


  1. I've always loved the Egyptian look of the Thousand sons. That dreadnought kicks ass.

  2. Thanks! The Egyptian theme is what drew me to to the Thousand Sons originally way back when, and the Heresy-Era art that has come out subsequently definitely cemented my desire to make a new army. I'll obviously need to brush up on making greenstuff scarabs! :)

  3. Looks wicked mate! Are you going to go with the red and gold colour scheme for the army?

  4. Thanks! Indeed - I'm planning a Heresy-Era army where they are in mid-fall, along the timeline of A Thousand Sons/Prospero Burns. I'm going with the MaxMini steam knight heads and Khopesh-style power weapons and a mix of chaos and loyalist bits for the bodies. I plan on going with the Red/Gold paint scheme, but the characters and veterans will be much more ornate and start showing a shift towards the more Chaos-y look with the vaned helmets and such that the current-era Thousand Sons are known for (the helmet on the dread is an example thereof).

  5. I know this is an extremely old thread but I was wondering where you got the exposed torso front? I'm hoping that I will be able to find one!!

  6. No worries! Actually that's just the molded-on torso interior from the plastic Venerable Dreadnought, I just left off the sarcophagus cover.