Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inquisitorial Storm Raven, Part 2

While I was working on the Dark Eldar, I also had the Storm Raven out on the desk and as such it got a little paint slapped on it to start blocking out the colors. I knew I wanted it to be predominantly black, so I started by giving it a quick drybrush of shadow grey along the edges and picked out a few panels in Dark Flesh, which acts as a base color for the intended red.

I also went over the model and picked out most of the decorative bits in Shining Gold followed by an Ogryn Flesh wash. The cockpit glass got a Midnight Blue coat while I was at it.

Some of the gold ended up running a bit (such as the =I= symbol on the back of the Hurricane Bolters) but those sections will be cleaned up with a black touch-up pass later on in the process.

I took a crack at painting the interior of the Storm Raven before I assembled it, mostly a quick Boltgun metal drybrush, some leather seats and green monitor screens. However I've found that once it's assembled, there's not a lot of light that makes it into the interior even with both hatches open and the top turret removed. Ah well, at least I didn't accidentally glue it shut for a change!

There's still quite a long way to go on this model, but thus far I'm pleased with the black and red scheme. It definitely comes off looking pretty menacing!


  1. I love the inquistorial color scheme, it's just that... model... oooh if I get the full-time gig I applied for, I am SO gonna fix the fuck out of that thing!

    Huh, it's got chairs inside the door frame. Neat.

  2. Indeed - to me it's the top turret and air intake just seem to be too tall in relation to the rest of the model. I'm half tempted to finish this one off and ebay it to build a new one where I leave those bits off entirely and utilize predator sponsons in place of the hurricane bolters to represent the 'missing' turret.

  3. Agreed, the more i see the model, the more i seem to dislike it! Its needs a nice neat extention to the front of it.

    HOWEVER, i am enjoying the alternative paint schemes around at the mo' which are slowly erroding my resistance! Looking forward to seeing the finished model!

  4. Nice paint on there. I'd be tempted to try and mount an LED light inside to show off the interior when the hatch opens.

  5. That's a good idea, Inner Geek! There's plenty of space on the inside to discreetly hide a battery and light. Hmm, another point in favor of making a Mk II version!

  6. If Mordian7th wasnt so darn talented... It would make us all fell better at night..

    Good Job!