Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hobby Retrospective - Necromunda, The Guilders

As is the case in nearly every game I play, I just can't be satisfied with the 'vanilla' choices. It's no different in Necromunda, and while the Delaques are my go-to gang, I also spent a bit of time coming up with an alternate gang, the Guilders. As described in Necromunda Magazine:

"Hive Primus alone is richer and more productive than most planets in the Imperium. The hive is a manufacturing powerhouse. Goods move constantly throughout the hive - Imports and some raw materials go downwards, other raw materials come upwards from Underhive, and manufactured goods travel up into the Spire and off planet. The Merchant Guild controls all traffic between the Houses, and consequently is as populous, wealthy and as important as any of the Noble Houses themselves. The families that comprise the Merchant Guild are called Guilders. Guilders are closely bound people, intensely loyal to their own kind and insular in tradition. They are secretive about many aspects of their dealings and way of life. To other Hivers their style of dress and habits are strange and incomprehensible. Amongst themselves they speak a secret language quite unlike the common tongue of the Hive."

The Guilder gang is made up of a number of unusual units, and as a result, the gang ends up looking very unique and required a fair bit of modification or repurposing to come up with appropriate models. The picture above shows Count DeMonet and his bodyguards, factotums, scribes and general hangers-on.

Count DeMonet himself (name obviously stolen from History of the World, part 1) carries a flamer as he has a BS of 2. A perfect reason to carry a template weapon in my opinion! He generally rides around on his own personal high-tech 'flying carpet' using the expanded vehicle rules. The Count and the treasure chest are from the old "Midas the Mean" set from the fantasy Dogs of War models.

Count DeMonet surrounds himself with a number of bodyguards, the largest and strongest (and smelliest) of which is the Ogryn Hork da Basha. Based on an old Bloodbowl Morg'n'Thorg model, I added a makeshift shield from an old Rhino panel, and a bionic eye made from greenstuff and a small bead.

The 'gangers' for the group are mercenaries represented by a number of 40k models. From left to right are Hieronymous and Balthazar (the two lexmechanics in charge of keeping tally of the Count's riches) and Galten, a fallen priest who totes a plasma gun to enforce his master's will.

The next three are the remaining mercenaries. Syren (a repurposed Death Cultist model) is a close combat specialist armed with a power sword, Heinrich is a guard defector with a Missile Launcher, and Ignatius is a fire-loving lunatic who had his arms replaced by flamers.

The guilders often are accompanied by pit slaves, and Count DeMonet is no exception. Simeon 14/X and Gilgamesh Zz/Alpha are armed with various rock drills, sawblades and armor plates. The models themselves are from Mordheim with some various tech bits attached to make them a bit more 40k-ish.

Finally the Dregs are the Juve equivalent for the guilder gang. These two models are also taken from the Undead Warband from the Mordheim range, and in game their primary function is to die horribly and swiftly. Just like most juves!


  1. That is a cool and original looking gang. Its projects like this that keep the hobby fresh. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks folks! They're definitely my favorite gang to play, though their actual performance on the tabletop is frankly abysmal. Still, style before purpose, I always say!