Monday, February 14, 2011

Hobby Retrospective - Necromunda, Delaque Gangers

Not a lot of hobby time over the past week, but I did manage to go through my miniature collection and snap some pics of some older models that lurk on the shelves - so today it's time for another Hobby Retrospective. Sadly many of the Specialist Games that GW used to support have been deprecated and it's but once in a blue moon that we see any new models or rules for any of the great games they used to support. One of my personal favorites is Necromunda, the skirmish-level, campaign-centric game of gang wars in the underhives! My local gaming group has played countless games of Necromunda and we still dust off the old minis and terrain occasionally.

My main team is The Azure Serpents, a group of Delaque gangers who these days more often serve as 'generic bad guys' for my Rogue Trader campaign.

The leader of the gang carries a Bolter (to take advantage of his BS:4) and a Stubgun (as the Bolter invariably ammo-checks and runs out of ammo).

A trio of specialists gives the gang some serious punch. The Heavy Stubber and Flamer take the field fairly often, while funding the Lascannon-toting heavy usually requires surviving a number of games to come up with the credits first. Suffice it to say, he doesn't get used that often.

The humble shotgun is truly one of the most versatile weapons in Necromunda, with the ability to fire a number of different shells.

On the other hand, there is no more reliable weapon than the lasgun. Four gangers with lasguns ensure that the group is always ready to lay down fire on their enemies.

The Autogun is also a nice weapon, essentially interchangeable with the Lasguns. These two models usually end up toting around the grenades, as they both have nice big pouches modeled on their backs.

No gang is complete without a group of Juves, the (frankly pathetic) gang initiates who will one day grow up to be fully fledged members - assuming they're not horribly killed in a game before they get the chance!

Lastly, a converted biker model that uses some of the alternate rules that were available in Necromunda/Gang Fight Magazine (briefly). Luckily our group collectively owns nearly all of the expansion magazines and books, so it's not uncommon to see a lot of non-standard models (and entire gangs) take the field...


  1. Thanks for sharing. I believe that GW would be wise to support its specialty games more but the fans keep them alive so well they don't.

  2. Indeed - we've talked about it in our local group and we all pretty much assume it has to do with the fact that games like Necromunda and Mordheim don't require the players to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. For about fifty bucks, you can get an entire gang and be set to play without any further expenditures. For that very reason, we're of the opinion that Necromunda is one of the best ways to get people interested in 40k miniature gaming. It's really too bad that it's been more or less abandoned by GW...

  3. I agree. Necromunda was/is a sweet waste of time. I was always partial to the Escher gang myself...


  4. I use a bunch of delaque figures as Tech cultists in my Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard army.