Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Bale, Berzerker Dreadnought painted

Bit more forward motion on the World Eaters - this time it's a two-ton brick of rage otherwise known as Bale, Berzerker Dreadnought! In contrast to the earlier Contemptor Dread, Bale is quite a bit more ornamented, with plenty of gold trim, spike and skulls, as his secret dedication to Khorne begins to make itself known upon his armored form.

I figured Bale would be pretty gory, as his main weapons are a pair of Dreadnought CCW's. I did a little flicking with a paintbrush for spatter, then went with a sponge/drybrush effect to spatter on the rest. After that, a little red wash here and there to get into some of the crevices.

Definitely happy with the PuppetsWar arms, though I do think they're more suited to the Contemptor dread from a sizing perspective. They're a little ape-like on the regular dread, but in this case I think it works!

While I was at it I pulled out all the models I've built and painted for the Heresy-Era World Eaters so far. The question now is do I jump in and paint the Storm Eagle, or reward myself with some more build time? Lots of models in boxes that need to be put together yet, but I'm trying my best to only build one or two units at a time so I don't end up feeling overwhelmed with the "I have to paint ALL that?" feeling...


  1. Suitably gore splattered, I like that! It looks like you'll be finished with the new army long before next year!

  2. Great Work! The army looks like it is coming together really well. My suggestion would be to start painting the Storm Eagle. You really don't want to get too far behind in painting or it will just keep building up.

    That and I am really looking forward to seeing it in the World Eaters paint scheme.

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Sir Tainly - Indeed! It sounds as though there will be a lot of World Eaters at the event next May. That said, if I get this army done with plenty of time to spare I'm quite tempted to put them on the auction block and do up the next planned army - The Emperor's Children!

    @Col. Dracus - I think you're right! Once I finish it off then I can really settle into the "build one unit, paint one unit" routine...

  4. The storm eagle doesn't look like it would be more than 2 drop pods worth of painting. Come on you can do it! White, blue, scorchy-scorchy and you're practically done.

  5. Wow, I'm not sure I could so easily part with an army I'd invested so much time into!

    Are there spaces left at the event, as I'd be interested in attending if I don't get another visa here (which is likely)?

  6. @Zab - Scorchy-scorchy! Too funny - I'm going to be saying that to myself while working on the weathering, for sure! :)

    @Sir Tainly - I get that a lot. My guard army is the one "keeper" army that always exists in some form or another, while the other armies I work on are always intended to go on the block (to help fund the next project). For me, the "building and painting" is much more fun than the "having a finished army".

    As far as next year's Tempus Fugitives event, everything is more or less in a holding pattern while we wait for 6th edition. The tickets for the events usually go on sale 3-4 months beforehand, so at the moment, ALL the spaces are open. :)

  7. I really dig this. and i the posing is sweet refreshing to see a dred that isn't static and mega bulky looking

  8. There's some brilliant movement in the model. It looks really animated! Excellent work :)

  9. Thanks folks!

    I was really pleased with how much movement the PuppetsWar arms had, the ball-and socket connectors really allow for some dynamic posing. Definitely recommended!

  10. The army shot makes the post for me (even though the dread looks great!), what an awesome theme and it's amazing to see how quickly it's developing.

    Great work Mr.!

  11. The arm size is perfect I think!