Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adeptus Mechanicus - Loyalist and Traitor Arch Magos in progress

The order from Blight Wheel miniatures showed up late last week and I dove in with a frenzy of building and kit-bashing. Unfortunately I neglected to take any pictures until after I'd already primered them, and black-spraypainted models don't make for good pics. I was finally able to steal a little time to lay down some of the base colors over the last couple days and snap a few pics yesterday afternoon.

First up is Magos Strandax, who will act as the Magos Prime for Explorator Force Psi Phi. Strandax is mentioned briefly in the 2nd edition rulebook as a researcher into lost STC designs, and is a very old member of the Mechanicus - having replaced much of his original organics with cybernetics.

The torso, spider-body and one of the servo-arms are from the kit from Blight Wheel, while the axe is one of the Kromlech bits I'd picked up yoinks ago. His arms are from an eldar biker, and the servo-harness is made from a whole mess of bits including part of a space marine plasma cannon backpack, some old-school plasma pistols, guitar wire and a conversion beamer made from an old "Space Rangers" model. All in all I'm pleased with how it's coming along, suffice it to say it's pinned six ways from Sunday but I'm still very concerned that pieces might break off of it...

Next up is the model that will be representing Urtzi Malevolus. In the Tempus Fugitives rule set I'm using, Malevolus may be included in an otherwise Loyalist force and allows for the inclusion of a handful of Dark Mechanicus units (along with some penalties).

This model was not as extensively re-modelled - it matches up with the artwork quite well as-is, but I added a few mechadendrites like the art shows. He definitely ended up looking a bit more brutal/heretical... Still a ways to go on both of them of course, but they're coming along nicely!


  1. Oh sickness! They look great so far!

  2. LOVE the changes you've made to the spider legged model! Was kind of on the fence about the fig when I saw it pre-mod, but your changes have certainly sex'd it up a treat mate!

    Evil tech is likewise cool. VERY sinister. I like your style of Mechadendrites. I've been eyeing that Forge World Enginseer, but for the life of me cannot find him at a price I can afford on Ebay. I think he'd make a good Dark Mechanicus character too.

    Looking forward to finished versions!

  3. Thanks folks!

    @LuckyNo.5 - They don't hold a candle to your Mariner's Blight, but they are somewhat tentacular! :)

    @Dai - The Blight Wheel models are a bit more 'true' 28mm, so they are a little smaller than the 'heroic scale' 28's GW makes. I definitely felt they needed a bit more bulk. That, and I can't leave well enough alone when it comes to kit-bashing! I'm a big fan of the FW Titan Tech Priest, but his servo-arms are super fiddly and break if you so much as glare at 'em. Great model for display, a little spindly for regular gaming in my opinion.

  4. I love these models and how you converted them to add more of a grimdark flare!

  5. Ohhhh - shiny. Really like what you have done here - I'm on a small screen here, so I'm looking forward to a computer monitor to check them out again.

  6. Good thing I haven't played a game since 2nd Ed then, isn't it!? :P (It'd just sit in my display case with everything else I've painted anyhow.)

  7. I appreciate the kind words!

    @OST - I thought they needed a little something extra. One can never go wrong with more mechadendrites!

    @Manus - I'm really digging the Ad-Mech you're working on, it's what got me fired up to build a new army of 'em!

    @Dai - Hah! It's a great display model, for sure!

  8. That's a pretty incredible build there 7th. Great work.