Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blatant Advertising - eBay auctions

Well it's been an... interesting week, and a significant unexpected expense has got me scrambling to come up with some extra funds. Unfortunately, what this mean is a number of miniatures and whatnot are having to go up on the auction block much earlier than planned. Not what I'd hoped to be doing with them, but needs must when the IRS devil drives I suppose...

Link to current auctions

Mostly World Eaters at the moment, plus the Iron Hands bikers, the Warhound Titan and a replica Bolt Pistol. There will likely be more going up over the next couple weeks while I dredge through the Closet of Doom for other odds and bobs that I can bear to part with...



  1. oh man, that blows Joel!
    Am sending you an email.

  2. Sorry to hear that, mate! Hope your World Eaters fetch a good sum and find a good home!

  3. Mate, that's terrible news. :(

    Hope you get the $$$ you need and get back to hobby stuff soon.

  4. That, blows.

    I will do a post on my Red Scorpions blog (most followers) about your items for sale and hopefully it can help you out.

    You can't sell anything else? It's a shame to lose the WE so soon after finishing them and getting a game in.

    Hope the situation resolves itself quickly and you don't have to sell any more.


  5. Thanks folks.

    I'm bummed that I'm not going to be able to do the whole army as envisioned initially, but I do have to say I was getting awful tired of painting marines. This may be a blessing in disguise, as I'm finding myself quite enthused about working on the Guard and a new Adeptus Mechanicus army!

    There will of course be more World Eaters in the works, there's an assault squad and a whole unit of jetbikes waiting in the wings. At least with the new allies rules they might see some table time even though the lion's share of the army will be gone...

  6. I will also get a post up ASAP on the auctions! Can people donate to help as well?

  7. I appreciate that, but it's not something that I'd feel comfortable taking donations on. I made a non-trivial mistake on my taxes back in 2010 apparently, and it's something I owe fair and square due to my own ineptitude. Heh.

    I'm glad that I at least have some "spare" models that I can auction off to raise funds though, otherwise it was going to have to come out of the vacation funds covering my trip to GenCon this year, which would have really been a shame!

  8. Post up and live. Should get a good deal of views. I hope they help!