Friday, July 20, 2012

Imperial Guard - Leman Russ Vanquisher painted

Continuing the work on the Mordian 7th Regiment this week with one of my favorite tanks available to the Imperial Guard, the Leman Russ Vanquisher. This was another model that I'd half-finished a while ago but ended up sitting on a shelf while I worked on other projects, so it was a simple matter to polish it off!

Continuing with the black with red accents scheme, I was pretty pleased with the look of the turret. The yellow and green on the lascannon and the black and yellow hazard stripes give the tank a bit of spot color, as it's otherwise rather dark.

I added some purity seals, some minor stowage and some scrolls to the tank to give it a little flair, and painted in the jagged knife emblem along with a blood drop. Now that it's sealed I'm thinking I'm going to add one of the "Mordian" transfers from the imperial vehicles sheet to the armor plate on one side of the turret, and paint a scroll onto the other for the tank name (not sure what the name will be as yet). Not much left to paint for the guard now!

In other news, a bunch of my current eBay auctions are ending this evening...


  1. Looking good as ever! Love the contrasting colours like on all the Mordian blokes

  2. Very nice - classy scheme too. I really do like the effect on the searchlight, nicely done.

  3. Thanks folks! I guess it's time to jump back on the infantry - I'm psyching myself up to batch-paint the remaining 29 footsloggers: 3x 8-man infantry squads (the HW teams for them were done earlier) and the 5-man platoon HQ... Hopefully I can get them all done in one massive go over the weekend!

  4. The searchlight orange is sublime. Really imposing look to this beast of a tank. Well done sir!

  5. Stop it! You make me wanna work on my IG.
    If only it didn't look so good... Keep that up, great work!

    Resist the urge, resist the urge...

  6. The look of this is brilliantly '2nd Edition', mate, so you get my vote entirely!

    'More,' I say...

  7. I appreciate the kind words folks! Definitely been interesting getting back to painting the guard, and definitely nice to know there's not all that much left to paint, either!