Sunday, July 1, 2012

Terrain Projects - Skullvane Defense Laser

Been eagerly devouring the new 6th edition rules and am really quite excited about it. One of the things I really like is all the varied new terrain options, which got me fired up to make some new buildings!

A while back I got a great deal on the Skullvane Manse set, which I'd schemed on making into a defense laser emplacement. And a rummage through the bits boxes provided the basis for a big power generator and some various aerials.

One of the things I've always liked is the contrast of medieval architecture and modern tech that is seen in a lot of the artwork, and I tried to capture the feeling that it's just an ancient building that has been re-purposed, rather than a purpose-built emplacement.

There are several other large terrain pieces lurking the the Closet of Doom, and the renewed enthusiasm 6th has stirred up means they might see a paintbrush soon as well!


  1. Huzzah's all round; a beautiful piece of work. As you say, love the contrast between old and new - out of interest what is the cannon built from? You must have quite an extensive bitz box! Great stuff.

  2. Fantastic work, love the generator hanging off the side.

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Colonel_Scipio - It's a leftover Shadowsword barrel, and the bottom part of the generator is the back end of the same weapon. I'm not entirely sure where the rest of the Shadowsword actually ended up, it's probably being digested by the Closet of Doom as we speak.

    @Blitzspear - Thanks! It's really just a random assortment of bits, kept rummaging through the boxes adding on until it was sufficiently sized! Heh.

  4. The more i look at it the more i just think "OH YES!". I'd love to see the PDF from this planet, im sure they'd have some quirky oddball outfit that would make me want to convert some of my own lol.

  5. Now that is awesome! I love stuff like this! I want to get a game with this thing on the table!

  6. I appreciate the kind words!

    @Impcommander - Indeed, I'm envisioning something like the guard army shown in the recent White Dwarf, that utilizes a mix of guard and empire bits from fantasy (not that I need more projects, heh)!

    @Old School Terminator - If you ever find yourself in Colorado, I'd be happy to host a game!

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